Truthfulness - what is it? Truthfulness and sunbathing

Now it's very fashionable to talk about pranayding,Bretarianism, sun-eating, vegetarianism, yoga, meditation, ayurveda, esotericism and other such things. All of them insanely intrigue people, as they contain answers to numerous questions related to such important aspects of life as health, happiness, harmony, spiritual and personal growth. The most controversial concept is the trifling. What is it and what does it eat?

What kind of name is that?

Translated from ancient Indian Sanskrit language"Prana" means "breath" and "life." In yoga this term refers to the life force, the energy that is everywhere and gives life to all life. Prana is everywhere - in the air, water, in space, in man, in plants, in animals. Every living being can accumulate energy in himself. Truthfulness - what is it? This is nutrition with this energy, and only it. In English, there is the term "Bretarianism", which comes from the word "breath", which means "breathing". These concepts are united by one principle - nutrition by the energy of water, air or sun without eating food.

what is this?

What is the essence of the process?

Truthfulness - what is it? Today it is a fashionable way of spiritual development. Followers consider it to be the highest step in the image of nutrition and life, the final phase. Some even try to give up water. The essence of such practices is the theory that the human body is able to independently develop the necessary substances to maintain an effective life. Truthfulness, the reviews about which are very different, really causes numerous disputes and discussions. Some believe that with his help you can live without food and water. Others think this is nonsense.

ogga podorovskaya good housekeeping

Official science confirms cases when peopleFor a long time (months and years) they avoided water and food. But such cases are individual and individual. Indian yogis have developed a system of practices by which, by "absorbing" prana through energy centers called chakras, one can even develop so-called siddhis - supernormal abilities (telepathy, levitation, telekinesis, pyrokinesis and the like).


As the famous author of books devoted toOlga Podorovskaya, tranquility and sun-eating are almost the same thing. The doctrine says that sunlight is the main source of prana in our world. Science considers these theories unreasonable, and their adherents refer to ancient texts. They say that in recent decades there has been a transition of the planet Earth and people to a new energy dimension, which is associated with the emergence of new spiritual and physical abilities and opportunities for earthlings.

tranquility simple transition

So what is the need for a common people's day-to-day life?

Interested in life without spending money on food,people often begin to ask the question "how to go on a trifle?" But not everything is so simple. It is necessary to strive to understand what is the purpose of human existence on this planet. What is the purpose of a person's life? What is the ultimate truth and mission? Sunshine is not the goal, it is a way to achieve enlightenment and harmony. Compare the transition to the trifling can be with love to the gym. After some time of constant training a person notices that his body has become healthier, more beautiful and stronger. It turns out that classes not only give satisfaction and vivacity, but also endurance, health, beauty and strength.


And what is the use of energy supply?

It is necessary to understand that a person is a socialcreature, and the benefits of breathing prana will spread to other people. Truthfulness can bring tremendous benefits to the biosphere, save bioresources, raise the level of consciousness of all mankind and increase health. Man is able to live hundreds and thousands of years, keeping the ecosystem, and not destroying it. Truthfulness - what is it, a panacea for many problems? The followers of the teaching believe that it is. Nowadays a huge number of people are interested in this subject, there is a bunch of thematic literature, forums, websites and blogs. Of course, the path to the food of prana is complex and thorny. Many difficulties include a doctrine called pranomy, a simple transition is simply impossible.

how to switch to a trifling

The path to energy nutrition

The movement to truancy is a set of methods. It is believed that, for starters, it is very important to look closely at the setting or rising sun, as well as walk barefoot, as closely as possible. Naturally, it is necessary to do this not in a dirty city, but in nature. In the east, particularly in India, Tibet, Nepal, it is believed that yogic practices can lead to sun-eating. Regular classes slowly reduce the human needs for food, as a consequence, we can say that the body begins to eat only prana.

Many people recommend starting with vegetarianismand veganism (refusal of meat and dairy food), fruitarianism (eating only fruits and vegetables), raw food (raw food for vegetation food), water drinking (drinking only one water). It is also necessary to observe the awareness of nutrition. What it is? This is a powerful tool by which a person keeps track of his nutritional needs, can consciously control and change them. The practice is to concentrate on the process, on the sensations, their exact fixation and attention to all changes. At the beginning of practice, one learns to recognize the appearance of a feeling such as hunger, which is simply a need in food. Then you need to focus on more complex things - changes in taste and sensory receptors during chewing and smelling food.

pranomyzhod reviews

One should not forget about the need for physicalloads, because only with their help the body can produce the necessary substances to maintain and ensure its own vital activity without taking food and water. You can start practicing yourself, trusting intuition and listening to the body. But much more correct is the search for an experienced mentor. Just so you can not stop eating. Without long preparation such radicalism is fraught with the exhaustion of the organism and the most unpleasant consequences.

Process Difficulties

Transition to tranquility is a long and complexA way that only seems to be simple and rosy in words. In fact, there are a lot of obstacles and difficulties that will become in the way of practice. Firstly, it is very difficult to overcome the taste habits and addictions that have developed over the years and decades. This is why "breakage" often occurs, when a person can fall for a sudden snack. Secondly, support of relatives is necessary. Transition to tranquility is a test of the will and perseverance of a person, and it is very difficult to continue on your own. It must be remembered that in the western world the food of prana only recently gained fame and is still very poorly distributed. Therefore, the followers of this teaching are moving to the dream by mistakes and trials, experiencing new methods and new difficulties.

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