Religion: what is the Holy Spirit?

Christianity perceives its god asone, but it is represented by three persons - the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. That is, the Holy Spirit is one of the Creator's hypostases, which is part of the Holy Trinity. Once again turning to the Christian faith it is at once difficult to understand the nature of God, the foundation seems intricate. So what is the Holy Spirit, we will learn more.

What is the Holy Spirit?

what is the Holy Spirit

So, Orthodoxy teaches us that we honorat once the whole holy Trinity - the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, because they are all our one and only God. It is easy to understand this. How else do they perceive the Trinity? Father The Holy Spirit is the mind, the Son of God is the word, the Holy Spirit is the soul itself, and all this is a single whole. Even in the ordinary sense, mind, soul and word do not exist separately.

Some interpreters of the Bible explain the Holy Spiritas an "acting divine power," which does not know the obstacles either material or spiritual. So, saying "the sun went into the house," do not mean that the luminary itself was in the room, but its rays just penetrated and illuminate everything around. The sun itself did not change its location. So also our God through the Holy Spirit can be in many places at once. This statement greatly strengthens the faith of Christians. Everyone knows that God is omnipresent, he never leaves his children.

The Holy Spirit removes sins

 father spirit holy

One of the activities of the Holy Spirit is to expose believersin sin, and even at a time when sin itself is not perfect. From the very early childhood, it is explained what sin is, what actions one does not have to commit. According to the scriptures, we are already born sinners to this world. Everyone knows the legend of Adam and Eve, from that very moment sin is transmitted already at birth in our body. Throughout life, every believer must atone for original sin, and the Holy Spirit helps in this.

Nothing is easier than strictly following the basiccommandments. Lead a righteous lifestyle. Everyone will agree that the Christian values ​​coincide with the universal values. Every sane person can fully control his attitude to the world, his behavior. After all, in fact, getting rid of anger, envy, pride, vanity and laziness, you can find peace and satisfaction with life. Do not deceive your neighbors, show love for them and notice how grace will descend.

The Descent of the Holy Spirit

son holy spirit

The very event of the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostlesis celebrated at Pentecost. The day's spirits are on the fifty-first day from the Passover, after the Resurrection of the Lord. On this day, the first after the Trinity, the believers pay their respects to the Holy Spirit, glorify the life-giving essence through which our Father-God ours "pours out grace on his children." Special prayers are read in the church, services are held. It is believed that the grace of God proceeds on the believers on this day.

The descent of the Holy Spirit was not unexpected. Even during the earthly life, the Savior told his disciples about it. In advance, the apostles explained the need for the crucifixion of God's son. The Holy Spirit, as he said, will come to save people. And on the day of Pentecost, more than 100 people gathered in Jerusalem in the Zion room. There was the Virgin Mary, myrrh-bearers, disciples of Christ.

The descent occurred suddenly for all those present. First there was a kind of noise over the room as from a strong wind. This noise filled the entire room, and then the audience saw the flames. This amazing fire did not burn at all, but had amazing spiritual properties. Everyone he touched felt an extraordinary rise in spiritual forces, a kind of enthusiasm, a huge burst of joy. And then everyone began to loudly say praise to the Lord. At the same time, they noticed that everyone can speak different languages, which they did not know before.

The sermon of Peter

temple of holy spirit

Hearing the noise coming from the Zion room,gathered a large crowd of people, because on this day all celebrated Pentecost. With praises and prayers, the apostles went to the roof of the upper room. People around were amazed at how simple, poorly educated people spoke foreign languages, preaching the Gospel. And each of the crowd heard his native speech.

In order to dispel the bewilderment of the gathered,the apostle Peter. He addressed the people with his first sermon. He told about how miraculously the ancient prediction about the descent of the grace of God came true in them. He explained what the Holy Spirit is. It turned out so that everyone understood the meaning of his story, for the Holy Spirit himself spoke with his lips. On this day with 120 people the church grew to three thousand Christians. This day began to be considered the beginning of the existence of Christ's Church.

Feast of the Holy Trinity

Every year the church celebrates the feast of the Holy Trinity,it coincides with Pentecost. Remember the grand event of the descent of the Holy Spirit. On this day the founding of the Christian church was laid, the parishioners strengthened in faith, renewed the gifts bestowed by the Holy Spirit at the sacrament of Baptism. The grace of God gives everyone the most sublime, pure, bright, renewing the inner spiritual world. If in the Old Testament teaching believers worshiped only God, now they knew about the existence of God himself, his only begotten Son and the third hypostasis - the Holy Spirit. It was on this day many centuries ago that believers learned what the Holy Spirit was.

what is the Holy Spirit

Traditions on the Trinity

The celebration of the Trinity every Christian begins withcleaning your own home. After the room brightens with cleanliness, it is customary to decorate rooms with green branches. They serve as a symbol of wealth and fertility. The services on this day also take place in temples decorated with birch branches, flowers, the Holy Spirit is glorified. The churches show their admiration, reverence to the Holy Trinity with their rich decorations. Pass Divine Liturgies, then immediately evening.

Believers on this day stop all work, bakepies, cook jelly, cover the festive table. In this period there is no fasting, so you can serve anything on the table. After the service, people go to visit, glorify the Trinity, treat themselves, present gifts to each other. On this day in Russia it was customary to make a match. It was believed that the family would be happy if the matchmaking was made in the Trinity, and the wedding itself on the Protection of the Virgin.

Temple of the Holy Spirit. Sergiev Posad

the spirit of the holy church

The first temples dedicated to the Holy Spirit and Trinity,appeared only in the XII century. In Russia, the first temple in the name of the Descent of the Holy Spirit appeared in the Radonezh Bor. In 1335 he was built by a modest monk Sergius, who devoted his whole life to the service of God, he knew well what the Holy Spirit was. The construction served as the basis for the erection on that site of the Trinity-Sergius Lavra. Now it is the largest spiritual center in Russia. First a small wooden church and several cells were erected. Since 1423 on the site of that rises the cross-domed, four-pillar Trinity Cathedral. For many centuries, the architectural ensemble of the Lavra was built here.

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