Female Virgo: Characteristics. Who approaches or suits under a horoscope to the woman-to the Maiden?

Rational and outwardly impregnable Virgo are consideredthe embodiment of femininity. This sign of the Zodiac is a symbol of purity, natural beauty. Who approaches or suits under a horoscope to the woman-to the Maiden? What character traits prevail among the representatives of this sign? Astrology helps in these issues.

Who approaches or suits on a horoscope to the woman-virgin

Characteristics of the sign

A woman born under the auspices of Virgo representsa modest person, deeply hiding emotions. At first glance, it may seem that the lady is cold, but in fact inside her raging storm of passions.

Women-Virgin beautiful housewives, faithful wives. However, married ladies often go out at a more mature age. Despite the abundance of boyfriends, the Virgo remains alone for a long time, carefully choosing a life partner. Most of them believe that marriages are made in heaven. That is, they rarely marry by calculation or guided exclusively by sympathy. For them, marriage is the union of two sincerely loving hearts.

Who approaches or suits under a horoscope to the woman-to the Maiden? Ladies who were born under the constellation Virgo, prefer smart and interesting men with good manners. Loving and appreciating the truth, they will never tolerate lies, even the most innocuous. Of all the 12 signs in the zodiacal circle, Virgo is more suited to Taurus, Scorpio, Cancer and Capricorn.

Who is suitable for a Virgin woman on a horoscope?

What kind of stones are suitable for Virgo women on a horoscope?

Stones-amulets for 6 signs of the Zodiac are selected,according to the date of birth. From August 24 to September 2, the Virgin is ruled by the Sun. Women born in this period are considered conservatives. Any changes in life are perceived by them critically. Virgos, whose date of birth falls in this time interval, are suitable:

  • jasper;
  • cornelian;
  • agate;
  • rhinestone;
  • lapis lazuli;
  • Moonstone;
  • aventurine;
  • malachite;
  • amethyst;
  • nephritis.

Under the control of Venus the sign is in the period from3.09 to 11.09. Women-Virgo, whose birthday falls on this time period, are characterized as secretive and meek individuals. The most important thing for them is the inviolability of the inner world. The following stones fit the Venusian Virgo:

  • chalcedony;
  • quartz;
  • heliotrope;
  • jade;
  • chrysoprase;
  • sardonyx;
  • onyx;
  • citrine;
  • pearl.

The third decade of the sign is controlled by Mercury. Ladies born from 13.09 to 23.09 are considered shy and silent. They are suitable for such stones:

  • topaz;
  • emerald;
  • Garnet;
  • sapphire;
  • chrysolite.

What kind of stones are suitable for Virgo women on a horoscope?

Compatibility of Virgo with other signs

Who approaches or suits under a horoscope to the woman-to the Maiden? In the emotional plan, the Virgo is a little withdrawn and stingy in feelings, so they choose partners similar to themselves. Excessive emotion of Aries and Lviv exhausts Dev, and the gabbling of Gemini is annoying.

Union with Aquarius, Libra and Fish originallyis doomed. Here the Virgin will suffer, not understanding why men use it in their own interests. Obedience to the ability of the above signs to get into confidence, Virgo stops thinking logically and gives in to emotions for a while. As a result, frustration with partners.

Who is suitable for a Virgin woman on a horoscope exactly

The relationship between the two Virgo can last a long timeonly in the form of friendship. The love relationship between two identical signs disintegrates, if at least one of them is bored. Despite the fact that Virgo is considered one of the most calm and reasonable signs, she constantly strives to experience new emotions.

Who approaches or suits under a horoscope to the woman-to the Maiden? A strong union sign can create with Capricorn, Scorpio, Cancer and Taurus.

Relations between the Virgin Woman and the Capricorn Man

Male Capricorns are prone to hysterics, and in Virgothey see a person who can help them overcome the negative influence of their own "I". The Virgo Woman for Capricorn is a psychologist who understands and accepts him as he is. Emotionally, which sign is suitable for the Virgin woman? The horoscope knows that this is Capricorn. Only in relations with him can the Virgo take the reins of government into its own hands. She likes to gently lead him, and she feels his psychological dependence.

The relationship of the female Virgo to the male Taurus

Who is suitable for a Virgo woman on a horoscope inmaterial plan? Taurus is a fundamentalist. His prudence, thirst for the accumulation and multiplication of material wealth, brings to the ecstasy the delicate Virgo. Providing joint management of the household, the couple will live in prosperity.

An intimate life for both signs is considered a minor item in the relationship. The main thing for them is the kinship of souls.

Relations between the Virgin Woman and the Cancer Man

In Virgo, Cancer will see a caring mother,trying to please him in everything. The two of them will be calm and cozy together. Virgo will become the leader in their relationship, she will lead the actions of Cancer. The latter, in turn, will not resist this, and will entrust Virgo to manage the family budget.

Who approaches or suits on a horoscope to the woman-virgin

Relations between the Virgin Woman and the Scorpion Man

Who is right for the Virgin Woman on a horoscope? This is a handsome, charming and passionate lover of Scorpio. Their attraction to each other is like magic, they can not resist it.

In an intimate life, Virgo will have to learnto liberate, otherwise she risks losing her lover. However, despite external shyness and hypocrisy, the Virgin can satisfy the beloved man to do whatever he wants (within reason).

For Scorpio Virgo is a quiet abode, cozya fireplace that warms both the soul and the heart. His constant desire to protect the weak will be satisfied here. But for a harmonious union the scorpion should learn to accept the taciturness and detachment of the Virgin.

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