Installation for love: what are the consequences of a love spell?

Those who read the Old Testament know that anya person who turns to sorcerers, sorcerers and black magic, will be immediately cursed before the Lord God. In this article, we will consider this issue in more detail by the example of a magical ritual for love. So, what are the consequences of a love spell waiting for someone who has broken this command of the Lord?

the aftereffects of a love spell

Sin before the Lord

According to the fathers, God stops feeding histhe grace of those people who violate His prohibition of recourse to magical powers. However, many girls and women (and men too) do not stop this in any way. Frankly, they do not care what happens to them later. The main thing for them is everything that happens at a given time and place.

New trends

Today, a new fashion emerged among womenon the love spells of certain men (sometimes women). Now there are a lot of literature and Internet sites, detailing how to bewitch a man. It is interesting that information on how to get rid of a love spell is several times less! And believe such instructions, too, is not worth it. A true love spell can accomplish, through black magic, only a sorcerer or a witch.

The sinful passion ...

People, disillusioned with unrequited love,They try to attract attention by means of black magic. At this moment they become simply uncontrollable, not feeling their egoism. As a result, they harm themselves and those who are fascinated. It's not a good thing, friends! Rotten this thing! Remember that the consequences of a love spell are irreversible. If the process is started, there is no way back. Even if another black magician can remove this spell, then the person who was bewitched will not be the same ... Why? We learn further!

love spell

Unpredictable consequences of a love spell

What is a love spell?

In terms of energy, this is the most ordinaryspoilage, forcing a person to carry out "orders". If you look at it with the eyes of esoteric people, you can see how the soul of the charmed is in the cage, it is impossible to get out of it independently. The very same person becomes something like a zombie ...

What are the consequences of a love spell?

1. If a loving person loves someone and loves someone, then black magic simply kills this love. Such an act is considered the worst sin on the part of the customer and performer, for which you can pay a very high price.

2. The thief should be punished. This trivial proverb also extends to the laws of the universe. Just so no one has the right to take anything. I took something for myself - give in return another. If this does not happen, then he who takes it is considered a thief, and retaliation is punishable for theft.

how to get rid of a love spell

3. A bewitched person will not be what he was before. Love spell, the consequences of which can be the most unpredictable, makes him a real slave ... He seems to like you, but he behaves unpredictably and strangely. Privorot makes his immune system very weak, so he is constantly sick. His life begins to consist only of black stripes, and he himself slowly withers ... At these moments, a charmed man is even capable of suicide, because his mind is completely zombied by black forces.

4. Remember: for bad deeds you always have to answer, and if not before the earthly court, then before the Judgment of God for sure! And it is good, if in the answer there will be only one who has contacted black forces, instead of its descendants. Could often be cursed and his whole family. Know that such nonsense as a love spell of an innocent person can turn into dozens of broken or ruined lives!

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