Dream interpretation: what do rotten teeth look like?

Why do rotten teeth, what dreams mean,related to them? If a person just dreamed about his teeth, it means that he might get sick, or deal with restless persons who by their activity will certainly inflame him. When a man loses his teeth in a dream, that's unfortunately. If the tooth is pulled out by the dentist, a serious illness is coming. Rinsing or brushing your teeth will soon have to do a lot of work to achieve goals and keep happiness. Knock out a tooth - it means enemies are plotting against a man. Why do I have rotten teeth? To the fact that it is worth taking a closer look at your health - perhaps a person is too strained at work. Such a dream, of course, is not considered favorable. He promises only troubles, among which there may be failures of one's own hopes, plans, perhaps even illness or poverty.

What does rotten teeth look like?
If one rotten tooth falls out in a dream, it is worthexpect sad news. Two - there is a whole series of bad luck, provoked by their own negligence. Three - there will be very big troubles. And if a person in a dream loses all his teeth at once, very soon great troubles and even misfortunes are expected.

In order to determine the significance of such visions,it is worth looking into the dream book. What does the teeth look like? They can become a sign of an approaching quarrel with friends and possible emotional experiences, since, probably, the scandal will be due to betrayal.

What does rotten teeth look like if they are assiduouscleaned the doctor, but it turned out that they are still yellow and sick? This means that a person trusts his interests and work to someone who is actually dishonest, a traitor and a scoundrel. Also, such a dream is evidence that the one to whom it dreams is very tired. Many people ask themselves about what their rotten teeth look like. Such a dream can be a harbinger of the fact that a person will soon feel worse. Then you should pay attention to your health.

Dream Interpretation
If rotten teeth are dreamed, then it is not onlywarning of deterioration of the body. There is a possibility that soon a person will have to experience an unpleasant event that for a long time will knock him out of the rut. After such a vision, you need to quickly change the situation and avoid contact with those people who are not entirely agreeable.

It happens that a person dreams of a dream in a dreamperfect condition - snow-white and perfect. And this is the rare case when a dream promises something good. Perhaps, soon there will be new friends and happiness. Or some secret desire will come true. What do rotten teeth look like if in their eyes for a moment they become snow-white and clean? This means that the ailments or problems that people are experiencing now are temporary. And soon they will leave.

Teeth dream in a dream
If a person has pulled out a tooth in his sleep andlost it, and then long searched the hollow in the mouth and did not find, then such a dream is a harbinger of an unpleasant and undesirable meeting with a certain person. However, this meeting will not only take place, it will also have a continuation, very successful, and the owner of the dream will enjoy this situation, even despite the glances of the friends around him.

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