What is the promise of a broken nail in a dream?

Few will be pleased to see a broken nailin a dream. And, in fact, the value of such a dream is not the most pleasant. In order to understand this topic, you need to turn to the most reliable sources. Namely - to the dream-books.

broken nail in a dream

Universal Book of Interpretations

A broken nail in a dream is not good. Few people know, but this translucent horny plate is considered a symbol of the physical capabilities of a person, and even his health and social status.

The universal book of interpretations assures -a broken nail is a harbinger of a deplorable venture. If a person plans to take up some business, but strongly doubts the correctness of his decision - it is worth forgetting about it. Having decided, he may lose respect and earnings. A broken nail in a dream belonged to another person? Then you should expect difficulties in communicating with people.

And if the nail is broken right before your eyesthe dreamer is excellent. Perhaps a person will achieve considerable success in the work. And all thanks to his patience, endurance and diligence. The dreamer with frenzy broke his nails himself and did it with great enthusiasm? Hence, he will voluntarily follow the path of heavy trials and achievements. The main thing is that the plate does not come off entirely. Because this, usually, heralds a health problem.

sleep broken fingernail on forefinger

Modern dream book

Many interesting things can tell this book. A broken nail in a dream, which has completely disappeared, tells a person that he will soon get rid of those relationships that are only bothering him. And this can relate not only to personal life, but also business ties.

If the dreamer chewed them, and they began to breakbecause of this, he will be disappointed in who caused him trust and sympathy. Uncleared and dirty records foreshadow an unfavorable financial situation.

means in a dream to break a nail

According to Miller

To see in a dream broken nails is not good in many cases. The book of Miller's interpretations confirms this and gives a detailed explanation of the vision. Taking into account even such small things as hand and fingers.

If on the little finger of the right hand the nail has broken -this is to lose a large sum of money. In the near future, it would not hurt a person to save money. If the ring finger was figured - a quarrel with the parents is possible. Medium - to the ambulance. Maybe a dreamer will be sent on a business trip. In any case, it will be something unforeseen, and he will have to restructure his plans. This explains this dream.

A broken nail on the index finger - toproblems in his personal life. There is a possibility of falling into depression or stress. But if you broke the record on your thumb, you should prepare for problems in business.

When the left hand appears, the interpretations are completely different. A broken nail on the little finger foreshadows the arrival of unexpected guests. And for the girl - the beginning of a new relationship.

The record on the ring finger broke - to the good news. On the average - to the justified risk. On the index - to the respect shown by others. And on the big one - to a pleasant meeting.

As can be seen, the interpretations differmoods radically. By the way, if there were white spots on the nail - it's worth to be neat. In any case, no matter what hand is in the vision. Because white specks are harbingers of failures.

to see in a dream broken nails

Other interpretations

What else does it mean to break a nail in a dream? It is worth, perhaps, to turn to the women's book of interpretations. Indeed, it is for girls such a situation in real life is a true problem.

Well, the dream book assures us that nothing bad should be expected. On the contrary, the period of failures and bad luck is about to end. And you can safely go on.

True, if only a part of the plate is broken off -worth thinking about. Probably, the girl exaggerates her own possibilities too much. Because of what she, having put on her shoulders an unbearable task, will face problems and disappointment in herself.

But to see the broken down accrued orfalse nails - to misunderstandings. And very annoying. In the near future, the girl runs the risk of losing all of her "trump cards" and advantages over competitors and wicked.

But in the esoteric dream book the interpretation is onlyone. And it's very nice. A broken nail is the personification of the passage of a complex and ambiguous life stage. A dreamer can be sure - he has overcome all the hard trials and emerged victorious.

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