Is the dollar tree (zamiokulkas) a flower of celibacy?

Girls are primarily interested in the question of how,Is it possible to keep zamiokulkas at home? This is for many actual. Not only that a modern groom, accustomed to a free relationship, is difficult to persuade to marry. So also zamiokulkas (flower of celibacy) can damage. With this case you need to fight in a radical way. But, on the other hand, zmiokulkas contributes to the accumulation of green dollars. How can you get rid of it? So it is possible and aground to stay. What is the poor girl to choose?

flower of celibacy

Is it true that Zamiokulkas is a flower of celibacy?

It turns out that the question with the action of the flower anddecoding will take very important. After all, I do not want to lose any chances either of suitors or money. And what if you got this beautiful plant? After all, the present was made with only one purpose - to contribute to your financial well-being! Do not get rid of him. Or personal happiness is more expensive? And for the wedding ceremony, you can take a gift to the garbage dump? This, of course, is a personal matter. Everyone does as his soul whispers. Only, before parting with the plant, let's try to consider what people say about it. Where did the information come from, that zmiokulkas is a flower of celibacy? The first thing that they will immediately say about him is a dollar flower. This is the main sign associated with the plant. It is believed that his green plump leaves can affect the income of the owner. At the same time, the growth of finance will be significant. Some eyewitnesses claim that as soon as the plant gives a new leaflet, they receive some amount quite unexpectedly.

zmioculture value

And yet, why is zamiokulkas a flower of celibacy? According to some reports, such an unpleasant rumor went because the plant looks very similar to spathiphyllum. They have very similar characteristic flowers, reminiscent of a phallic symbol. But if spathiphyllum is a muzhegon, then where is the zamiokulkas? The external data of plants do not yet speak of the similarity of their "characters."

Still there is such a very interesting rumor among the people. They say that zmiokulkas brings happiness to the mistress. Only this pleasant phenomenon occurs at the moment of flowering of the plant. Then the woman can descend to the real woman's happiness. But to make this "slow" plant bloom is very difficult. It dissolves extremely rarely and only under very favorable conditions. Maybe this is the main reason for the unpleasant rumors. Imagine, gave you a flower, thereby tied up your destinies. Now you will find your happiness when the "greedy" zamiokulkas blossom. So, there is nothing to be afraid of and there is no need to hurry up with the plant for a dump. Take good care of your pet: he will help you to save money and find your fate at the right time.

Talisman zamiokulkas

The value of a flower is a dollar plant. If you were given it, then care for it is equated to taking care of your own business. As soon as a new leaf appears, prepare a purse. Money will come necessarily. If the plant starts to hurt - prepare for losses. Remember that trusting zmiokulkas, you will get more protection. But for plant magic will have to pay their own time. Luckily, the zamiokulkas is uncomfortable. You can water it infrequently. Just make sure that there is enough moisture in the air, otherwise the leaves will turn yellow.

Is it possible to keep zamiokulkas at home?

So, the zamiokulkas, maybe, is a muzhegon,Only temporarily, until it blooms. But this event promises you a real woman's happiness, which you can not wait for. Moreover, your noble plant will look after your financial well-being. So if you gave it - keep it at home and love your vegetable guardian angel!

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