Mythical creature is a dragon. Meaning of tattoo

Nowadays the art of tattooing (as nowcalled tatu) is very relevant and in demand. Now, it is rarely surprising that many people (regardless of gender, age or belief) have tattoos. All of them are very diverse. The same as their meanings. And for some people, a tattoo is just a drawing on the body, an attribute of modernity and fashion, a way to express yourself and stand out from the crowd. Other people attach importance to what is depicted on their skin. Each tattoo has a deep meaning.

dragon the value of the tattoo
In this article we will talk about one of thetattoos, widely distributed among many peoples and cultures. It's a dragon. The value of a tattoo with such an image carries in itself both meaning and energy, expresses the features of the owner.

In most cases, a tattoo with a dragon speaks of the influence of Oriental culture on the person wearing it. In the East, the tattoo "dragon" has the following meaning:

  • 4 elements: Earth, Water, Wind, Fire;
  • 4 directions: North, South, West, East;
  • all possible combinations with the above values.

In fact, tattoos with this creature can bemeet in completely different cultures with different meanings: in Japan it is a symbol of a warrior, strength and wisdom, in China it means wisdom and strength, spiritual connection with relatives, in Australia - the protection of life, in Europe - the personification of evil, evil spirits. In England, the dragon is very fond of, it is a symbol of Wales.

As you can see, the dragon in the perception of people -the creature is rather contradictory and ambiguous, and it will not be possible to give one specific definition to it. Definitely can only say that the dragon affects the fate and life of man.

tattoo dragon value
In more detail about what a dragon means. Value of tattoo:

  • Nobility, strength, excellence, wisdom, eccentricity.
  • Magic, super-power, power.
  • Cyclicity of life.
  • Different forces of nature and the properties of natural elements.
  • Patriotism, pride, love and respect for the homeland.
  • Magic, mysteries and mysteries of life.
  • Increased physical and spiritual strength.
  • Protection from evil spirits, troubles and adverse events.
  • Good luck, goodwill, healing.
  • Striving for good.
  • Perseverance, loyalty, longevity

That such an unusual and ambiguous can bethe Dragon. The value of tattoo with a dragon can not be overestimated. It can be either positive or negative. But it depends only on what the owner wants to designate.

dragon tattoo meaning
As a protective symbol is also oftenused a dragon tattoo. Its meaning as an amulet, amulet and talisman has a basis, because many believe that the dragon drives away evil, frightens away the evil spirit and has a favorable effect on the person.

The image of the dragon may represent some negative character traits over which you want to prevail, or the difficulties that stand in the way, but which you will surely survive.

In the recent past, a tattoo with a dragon was a sign of belonging to the mafia and the criminal world. Members of the Japanese mafia "yakuza" very often depicted dragons.

It is not surprising that such tattoos preferto make people strong in spirit. And it is quite real that the picture affects both the life of the person and himself. So if you decide to "fill" yourself with a dragon, be prepared for the fact that you yourself have to change - to become stronger and more persevering in achieving the desired, more confident in yourself and your strengths.

dragon the value of the tattoo

But, however that may be, it is very important that what the dragon represents for you. The meaning of tattoos always acquires the meaning that we ourselves give it.

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