Tomato "pink giant" - a surprising plant

If you have a plot of land, then youconversations that someone has grown up something "such" are necessarily familiar ... And than, actually, it is possible to surprise itself and neighbors? Well, for example, a pumpkin of 40 kg or potatoes on a bucket from a bush, or ... yes, little if anything, there would be a desire. For example, is the largest tomato - sounds? On the other hand, how much does it weigh, if "the biggest"? Think about it: one such tomato is enough for a salad for a family of three or four people. Well, how much does such a tomato weigh? Whatever one may say, and not less than a kilogram pull. So it is - a fruit of up to one kilogram or more can give you a tomato "pink giant." Just imagine that this "tomato kilogram" hangs on the bush - there is something to see. And it's quite easy to grow it on your private plot. What does it take for a "table miracle" to grow on the site?

It is known that everything starts from the beginning. In various manuals for growing a tomato, both large and not very, the beginning is a good viable seedling. A good seedlings can only be obtained from good seeds. The seeds of the "pink giant" variety do not differ from their relatives by gigantism - they can be up to 200 pieces per gram. For winter storage and preparation for planting, the selected and dried seeds undergo several processing steps:

- disinfection in a solution of potassium permanganate;

- thermal hardening during storage;

- "bathing" in the growth stimulator solution before planting;

- vernalization for 2-3 days in the refrigerator;

- three to five days of quiet life on a cozy bed of nutritious soil, and here it is, the miracle of birth - a pinched seed!

Small and defenseless, it does not yet know howhandsome man will be very soon. Sprouted seeds are planted in pots with a nutrient medium and exposed to the sun. The temperature in the room with seedlings should not be above 16C, so that the plant does not reach up. After a week or two, they gradually increase it.

Before transplanting into the open ground seedlings growsup to 25 centimeters in about 20-30 days. The tomato variety "pink giant" has a sturdy stem at the base and is intended for planting both in greenhouses and in open ground. A feature of agricultural technology is that the plant requires a garter to the vertical support or trellis. The garter on the trellis is considered more correct - the fruits are heavy and the stem experiences great loads in windy weather. This tomato - a tall plant with a powerful crown, so caring for it requires quite a tangible effort.

Tomatoes "pink giant" are planted with densityup to three plants per one square meter of the garden. To get well fruiting bushes, they must be punctually in time. Each inflorescence can have up to eight flowers, and there should not be more than four. Tomatoes "pink giant" - the plant is indeterminate, i.e. can grow up unlimitedly - two-meter, and even more, the height for this tomato is a common phenomenon. That such did not happen, after appearance of an ovary at the necessary height, do prishlipku tops of a stalk.

Tomato "pink giant" is medium-stableto diseases. Given the large mass of the plant, it is necessary to give him a good and varied fertilizing with mineral fertilizers. According to the terms of maturation, tomato "pink giant" refers to medium-ripening varieties. Fruits reach maturity in 110-115 days after germination. Their average mass is 200-300 g, the shape is rounded, flattened, the color is crimson-pink. The taste qualities are very high, and the flesh of the fetus from those they speak of is "fleshy". The average yield from the bush reaches 2.5-3 kg.

If you managed to grow on your sitehandsome tomato "pink giant", and you got a good harvest, and on some bushes hanging kilogram tomatoes - you can be envious in a good way. Invite your friends, and you will surely see someone, be stunned with amazement near the biggest, even only on this dacha, tomato.

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