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It's no secret that until now not all homes havegas stoves, and you have to cook on electricity. It also happens that there is simply nothing to prepare food for. This is especially true for hiking. In this case, samodelkin invented man-made burners that work on liquid fuel: gasoline and alcohol. Today we will find out what the gasoline burner is made of and how effective it is in cooking.

gasoline bitter
Such an adaptation can be taken with you on a hike,on a summer residence, to the sea or quickly to make up in case of sudden absence of electricity or gas, or for temporary heating in cold weather. Also, a homemade gasoline burner will come in handy in places where it is forbidden to build a fire, or if you do not want to attract attention - the device is capable of producing a flame that is enough for cooking, but there is practically no fire visible. This method of cooking is ideal for cases where there is no firewood nearby or you are on a mountain peak where it is difficult to kindle a flame.

Let's just say that the gasoline burnerhands are done in different ways, but today we will remember the simplest, which even a woman will be able to repeat, and for this she will not need any locksmith tools. Also, this method is useful for the ecology of the planet, because we will produce burners from waste material.

Gasoline burner: an easy way to make at home

A prototype of such a device you can find inshop for hunters, fishermen and tourists next to fishing rods, flasks and tents. The cost of the burner in the store is more than 400 rubles. If you prefer to save, or the need to create a hearth has overtaken you right in the campaign, then read further the instructions for making a gasoline burner.

Take 2 empty cans of beer, cola or condensed milk. Use their bottom. Do in the middle of the bottom of the first jar 4 puncture with a nail or button (holes should turn out to be small).

gasoline burner
Next you will need to pierce the sameholes along the perimeter of the rim of the can. This will be the workpiece of the upper part of the burner - a camphor, from which a smooth flame will burst out beautifully from the gas stove. Cut this part from the can. The length of the edge should be about 2-3 centimeters.

Cut off the bottom of the second jar as well. In order to not have a notch, walk along the edges of the cut with fine sandpaper. At the bottom of your burner, place the cotton wool soaked in gasoline and cover with the top part of the burner so that it plays the role of a sealed cover.

If the parts do not touch tightly, you can insert in the gap between the walls the strips of tin remaining from the can.

Gasoline burner: application

Pour gasoline over the burner, where you have done 4holes so that the fuel gets on the rim of the jar, where you also drilled the holes. Set fire to it. The sheet will heat up quickly, transfer heat to a wad of cotton wool soaked in gasoline, and the fumes from it will start to stand out, which will support the fire in your burner. Do not burn the cotton wool: it is fraught with burns, and even if you succeed, the cotton wool will just burn quickly. It is much more economical and more efficient to maintain the flame in the burner due to vapors that form from the heating of the device.

Homemade gasoline burner
Do not think that the bank will melt: According to the laws of physics, the flame does not touch the surface of the burner to the degree of melting of the metal, but it burns what is above it. The final touch is the support on which the bowler will stand. It can be two steel bars, bent by the letter P and dug in the ground parallel to each other.

You can also use a wide jar ofstew with cut-off bottom and top. Do in this cylinder holes at the bottom and top to inflate the air to the flame. The gasoline burner should be placed in the center of this cylinder, and you will only have to enjoy the preparation of a delicious dinner.

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