Asai berries are super food!

Asai is a family of palm trees that grow on the territoryCentral and South America, from Belize (in the north) to Brazil and Peru (in the south). These are trees that reach a height of 30 m or more. Their trunks are thin, smooth. Leaves are intensely green, slightly pinnate; flowers are white, collected in the inflorescence. Fruits are juicy round berries of almost black color.

berries of Assai
Other names of these plants are the cabbage palmand Evterpe. The most famous species - Euterpe edulis, Euterpe oleracea - grow in the damp forests of Brazil (Pará). Despite the high popularity of berries in Brazil, in other countries they are little known.

Acai berries, formed on some specieseurterpe, have a pleasant taste. Some people say that it resembles aronia blackberry, blueberry or grapes, while others say it is a fruit mix with chocolate. In size they are with medium grape. 90% falls on the bone and only 10% - on the pulp and peel. From one palm tree it is possible to harvest up to 7 kg of harvest.

You can use acai berries in fresh form(and without restrictions), as well as in the form of additives in ice cream, desserts, drinks, cocktails. In the countries on whose territory these palms grow, fodder leaves and young leaves are used for food other than fruit.

berries asai reviews
Acai berries for a long time were unknown to people,living outside the range of cabbage palm growth. In 2004, American scientists conducted research in the Amazon basin. They were interested in the fact that the aborigines, engaged in heavy physical labor under the scorching rays of the sun, looked much younger than their years. Moreover, they are almost all long-lived, not suffering from cancer and capable of conceiving children in old age. After studying the conditions of life and nutrition of these people, scientists came to the conclusion that it is the Acai berries, eaten by the local population in large numbers, is an explanation of this phenomenon.

After conducting laboratory studies, scientistsrevealed that the fruits of Acai over the content of nutrients exceed all known gifts of nature. Each berries contain about 3,000 substances necessary for the human body: vitamins B, C, A, E, D, amino acids, fatty acids, carbohydrates, cyanidin, cellulose, phytosterols, many trace elements. Even polyphenols (powerful antioxidants that block the negative effects of free radicals in the body) also contain these wonderful berries - acai.

extract of acai berries
Reviews of scientists with a worldwide reputation about them onlypositive, moreover - enthusiastic. For example, Dr. Ralph Carlson said that this berry is "food number one". And Dr. Nicholas Perriconi ranked it among the ten most perfect nutritious foods on the planet.

Periodic use of these superevodcontributes to slowing down aging, weight loss, improving eyesight, increasing efficiency and endurance. In addition, substances contained in berries, stimulate the immune system, improve sleep, cure inflammation, normalize the heart, improve skin condition, increase libido.

Unfortunately, at present it is problematic to buy fresh fruits, but the bioadditives and preparations containing the extract of acai berries can be purchased.

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