What to do if you need urgent replacement of locks in a metal door

At least once in a life each of us faced with necessity change lock for a variety of reasons. Usually this happens at the most unexpected and inopportune moment, when you are in a hurry or you are on a ladder in a half-dressed form. The most difficult and expensive is the replacement of locks in a metal door, which is the most popular for home protection.

Need to change the locks in the door? Without a master can not do without

In most cases, the replacement of locks in a metal door is directly related to the following cases:

  • Damage to the castle itself, associated with attempts to break into and penetration of intruders into the premises.
  • The failure of the lock due to improper operation.
  • Latent design defects.
  • Damage to the key is its jamming, jamming the lock, breaking off the key in the keyhole.
  • Replace the lock in the door is necessary in case of loss of keys or their theft. This increases the risk of unauthorized entry into a home or office, so replacing locks in a metal door will be much more profitable than buying a new door entirely.

replacement of locks in a metal door

In any case, the damage to the castle or its fullfailure - the state is extremely unpleasant and threatening to turn into a catastrophic one. After all, in one far from perfect day such a door will necessarily fail even when you are late for work, your children or your beloved cat will remain inside, and you - outside, a tap will run in the house, or some other local cataclysm will happen . The master of the company can offer a way out of any situation Zamensamkov.ru, who are familiar with the different types of locks and are ready to provide quality services at the lowest prices in the capital region.

Why such work should be entrusted to professionals

Modern locks for entrance doors Are issued in the widest assortment and setmodifications, so to understand most of their design will be very difficult even for an experienced home master. This is particularly the case when the replacement of locks on the entrance metal door. Not everyhuman. You can spend all day with such a castle and only aggravate the situation. This will cause the need not to replace the castle, but to acquire a new door, which is very expensive for the family budget. Therefore, the most reasonable, business, practical and economically justified action will be to entrust this work to a professional.

replacement of locks on the entrance metal door

Specialists of the company Zamenazamkov.ru, engaged in the opening and urgent replacement of locks, especially in the "armored" doors, have not only experience, but also a set of relevant tools. Thanks to the excellent training of employees and their ability to handle equipment, change the lock at the entrance door can be in a very short time and with a guarantee of quality. In this case, neither the door leaf, nor the shoals and other structural elements will not suffer.

The fastest replacement

Your problem will be solved as soon as possible withoutproblems and troubles both for the door itself and for your nervous system. You will be helped to choose the right type of new lock and will prompt how to avoid unpleasant accidents with door locking mechanisms in the future.

When placing an order for Zamenazamkov.ru it is necessary to describe the design of the door, indicate the reasons for the replacement of the mechanism and voice the requirements for the new lock. The call of the master is possible at any time of the day. The client does not have to search for the necessary lock, the master will bring a device suitable for the budget with him. All work will be done neatly, quickly and almost silently.

The preliminary price can be obtained from the consultant by phone, the final cost of the master will be announced before the work commences.

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