Planting of pine in autumn. How to plant a pine in the country

Long since famous for their healing and decorativeproperties coniferous trees. The most popular representatives of this family are evergreen pines, which number 120 species. The place of their growth in areas with a temperate climate is the plains, and with the tropical - mountain valleys. Pine trees have medicinal properties and serve as a worthy decoration for any landscape. Bright juicy greens and smart fluffy branches please the eye. They do not cease to admire the whole year round.

Pine mountain, description

This conifer is very beautiful anduseful plant. Currently, gardeners are passionate about this culture. It is increasingly planted on household plots. The most popular species is the mountain pine. This species of coniferous plant has a variety of shapes and sizes. It grows with a bush or a small tree. A can be a ground cover form of a plant. Characteristic features of pine mountain are:

  • Dark brown scales with which the upper part of the trunk is covered.
  • Short, twisted, hard needles.

Small cones have short legs and are painted in a gray-brown hue. This pine blossoms and fructifies from the age of ten.

Planting pine mountain

Mountain pine, the photo of which you see, has a number of advantages:

  • It is very branchy and compact. This is important when planning landings on the site.
  • Well tolerates low temperatures and drought.
  • It grows on any soil.
  • Not prone to disease.
  • Tolerably refers to air pollution and soil compaction.
  • Does not suffer from heavy and frequent snowfalls.

The shortcomings include slow growth. Due to its excellent decorative properties, it is used for landscape design.

Planting in Autumn

Planting of pine mountain is carried out in the autumn. The most favorable time is September, the middle of the month. If you plant a seedling later, it will not have time to settle down. For the period of winter cold the young tree should be covered with burlap or other suitable material. This will save him from frost, and later - from sunburn. When mid-April comes, the shelter needs to be removed.

Pine planting in autumn

The light-loving plant is mountain pine. Planting and nursing are carried out in sun-drenched areas. In the shade, the tree will grow badly. Prefers light soils. If the land is not loose, you need to make a drain to a depth of twenty centimeters. For this, sand, broken brick or expanded clay is suitable. It will be quite good to fertilize the soil with compost fertilizer: 100-150 g per one seat. If possible, use for planting a mixture of soil, humus, sand and peat. It is important to remember one feature of this tree - not covered by earth roots quickly die.

Planting of pine seedlings in autumn is carried out inpit depth of 60 cm, a diameter of one meter or more, depending on the size. The root neck is not buried, but should be on a level with the ground. After planting, abundant watering and mulching of the soil with sawdust, chips or peat is necessary. Remember, trees of 4-5 years old have the best survival rate. If several coniferous trees are to be planted on the site, a certain distance between them should be observed. Two meters are sufficient for this species.

Pine (Pinus sylvestris), description

This evergreen conifer grows inAsia and Europe. It can reach a height of forty meters. The crown of young trees has a pyramidal shape, and the old ones have a loose form. Pine ordinary has a straight trunk and bark of a reddish color. Planting of pine in autumn is carried out in clay, peat or sandy soils. She is unpretentious to them. Can grow from a seed. It is enough to collect cones in winter and treat them with a special solution against fungal diseases.

Pine planting and care

Growing pine ordinary is not difficult. The main thing is that when planting the roots are not bared, they should have a clod of earth. Otherwise, the seedlings will not survive and perish. The advantage of this type is rapid growth, and the disadvantage is the intolerance of gas contamination and air pollution. That's why the forest beauty does not decorate city streets.

How to care?

A pine tree is an unpretentious coniferous treeordinary. Planting and nursing are carried out during the first two years. During this period, you need to feed the plant with mineral fertilizers. In subsequent years, there is no need for this. A lot of pine needles fall from the tree. You do not need to remove it. A thick litter is formed from the twigs, in which organic substances gradually accumulate. Eating them, the tree will grow normally.

Pine ordinary planting and care

Well tolerates drought and does not need wateringpine ordinary. Planting and nursing are carried out as required. Moisten you need seedlings and young trees. Stagnant water is bad. This species of coniferous trees is resistant to winter colds. Only young pines need to be sheltered. For this, lapnik or burlap is suitable.


The coniferous tree of this species looks amazingbeautiful in individual plantings. To form a beautiful crown make a careful pruning and pinch the tops of the branches. A single tree does not require a large area, but it also does not tolerate inconvenience because of planting a number of large plants of a different kind. Pine ordinary is used as a supplement to create a hedge.

Historical information about the fruits of pine pine

Thousands of years ago, the first to evaluate the usefulproperties of pine nuts inhabitants of the Mediterranean countries. Even in ancient times, large white seeds of the Romans used to make wine. Ancient people realized that to satisfy thirst, get rid of heartburn, overcome male weakness, you need to eat the fruits of the cedar tree.

Soon the glory of miraculous healing propertiesnuts spread all over the world. During the reign of Peter the Great, Russia profitablely traded them with Sweden, Persia and France. In nature there are 28 species of this tree with similar edible seeds. But in spite of this, the special value was represented by pine nuts from Russia, which are now the main wealth of the Siberian taiga.

Cedar pine, description

The life of this conifer is measured for centuries. Individual specimens grow to 850 years, although the average age is 5-6 centuries. Pine cedar is called Siberian cedar. In nature, it grows in the forest zone and occupies vast territories. They are called coniferous burs. In these places, sanatoriums are often built.

Large breeds of conifers belong tocedar pine. Planting and taking care take a long time. But all costs are compensated when the tree grows and gives abundant harvest of useful delicious nuts. The height of adult pine can reach 35 meters, and the diameter of the trunk is two. The dense crown of young trees has a conical shape, and in adults it is ovoid. The trunk is covered with a gray-brown bark with cracks, and young shoots with a reddish fuzz. The long and soft triangular needles are assembled in five pieces in bundles. After 4-6 years, old needles fall off, new ones appear in their place. The cones are light brown in color, their cells contain many cedar nuts, which are the main wealth.

Planting of pine in autumn from the forest

Pine, the photo of which you see, grows slowly. For a year it adds 25-30 cm in growth. For example: a twenty-year-old tree reaches a height of 2.5 meters. In the natural environment, the cedar fructifies from 40-70 years of age, and in gardens with good care - from 15-20.

Cedar pine, landing

This tree is capricious, demanding in compositionsoil. Although in a natural environment it grows in different conditions. These can be sand, marshes and stony slopes. Planting cedar pine on your site requires preparation. The fact is that large cedars do not tolerate any interference in the process of their growth. During the transplant, they experience stress: they will have to get used to a different climate and other conditions of growth. Planting of pine in autumn is carried out in pre-excavated deep pits, taking into account the size of the roots of large trees. The bark of pine cedar is very thin. To not accidentally damage it, you need to carefully and carefully treat the transportation of wood.

Planting cedar pine

When planting, consider that the pine is pollinatedthe wind. Therefore, at a distance of eight meters from each other you need to plant a few trees, otherwise the harvest should not be expected. It is desirable to immediately determine the plant to a permanent place of growth. At first, systematic watering and fertilizing with fertilizers is carried out. So the seedlings will grow stronger. The accustomed trees should have dark green needles and grow 10 cm in the first year. Pine planting in autumn is carried out by 2-3 summer seedlings. In the early years, pruning can not be done. It is enough to break off several lateral buds on the central shoot.

Benefits of Pine Nuts

The fruits of Siberian pine have a huge collectionhealing properties and have a great nutritional value. They are rich in balanced proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and trace elements. Cedar nuts are used for food, widely used in cooking from different countries. They are the raw materials for obtaining valuable nutrient oil.

Pine photo

Since ancient times, pine nuts have been used infolk medicine for the treatment of stomach, gastritis and pancreatitis. Cake in the ground form is contained in food vitamin supplements. Even walnut shells have valuable qualities: from them anti-inflammatory and anesthetic tinctures are prepared. They help to get rid of rheumatism, arthritis and osteochondrosis. Eczema, lichens and other skin diseases are successfully treated with wrapping and lotion from the decoction of the same shell. Seeds cones of Siberian pine cope with avitaminosis, weight loss, contribute to the restoration of strength and improve immunity.

Pine from the forest: how to plant it correctly?

Planting of pine in autumn from the forest is carried out by healthy, unblemished seedlings. The end of September or the beginning of October is the most suitable time for this. The sequence is as follows:

  • Deep fossa is excavated. If you plan to plant several trees, the distance between them should be four meters.
  • In the forest, the edge of the forest, illuminated by the sun, is chosen. If you take a tree from a dark place, it will be weak and in a new place is unlikely to take root.
  • It should take 1-2-year-old pine trees with a height of 40-70 cm.
  • It is necessary to remember or mark the tree's points relative to the sides of the world. On your plot plant a pine in the same way.
  • Then plant the plant, without damaging the roots, then remove from the hole. It must be done carefully, so that the earth's clod does not fall off, and the roots are not bare.
  • The excavated tree is put in a bag and placed in a bulk container for transportation.
  • From the forest takes a bucket or more land from under the pine. It contains fungi, in which the root system of the excavated tree developed.
  • If the roots begin to dry during transportation, they should be moistened.
  • Before landing, the bottom of the excavated fossa is covered with forest soil. It adds mineral fertilizers and pours a bucket of water.
  • Planting of pine in autumn is carried out by a seedling, which is placed in a hole, sprinkled first with forest soil, and then with ordinary soil.
  • After that, the earth around the trunk is slightly tamped and the plant is once again well watered.
  • Direct sunlight can damage seedlings. Therefore, they are covered with burlap.

Planting pine in autumn from the forest is a troublesome business, but it's worth it. After all, your garden will be adorned by a small forest beauty.

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