Gooseberries Chernomor: description of the cultivar and peculiarities of cultivation

This is not the first hundred years of gooseberry activelyis grown by the inhabitants of our country. Therefore, at the present time there is a considerable variety of harvested varieties. But how to understand them and choose the one that will differ in the best taste and unpretentiousness of care? Today we will talk about the grade of gooseberries Chernomor. Let's present the advantages of this variety and suggest the main aspects when growing this berry.

Description of the gooseberry variety Chernomor

Gooseberries Black Sea variety description
This type of gooseberries is quitelate ripening berries. The bush grows well and quickly enough, reaching a height of 1.5 meters. A dense crown with medium branches and vertical branches.

For Blackberry gooseberry is characterized by a smallthe number of spines located mainly on the lower branches. They have a slightly curved shape and small size. The leaves are medium in size, rather dark green in color, without pubescence and rather dense. The form of the leaf is three or five-lobed, with deep incisions on each blade.

During flowering, the bush is covered with bright,elongated flowers of small size. Ripe berries do not differ in size and reach a weight of 3 grams each. When fully ripe, the color of the berries changes from dark red to almost black with a fine whitish coating. The berries have a pleasant sweet taste with a sourish characteristic of gooseberry.

Advantages of the variety

Gooseberry Black Sea отзывы
The main advantage of gooseberries Chernomor ishigh yield. From one bush you can collect at least four kilograms of delicious berries. Undoubted advantage over other varieties is excellent winter hardiness. Gooseberries Chernomor perfectly tolerates strong frosts, which very often happen in our country.

In addition to resistance to frost, this variety is famousand persistent tolerance to prolonged drought. That is, in general, this variety is incredibly unpretentious and hardy. A pleasant advantage of this variety is a rather small amount of bones in berries.

Reviews of gooseberries Chernomor

Judging by the numerous reviews of experienced gardeners,This grade of gooseberries is excellent for making wine, thanks to the rather high sugar content in ripened berries - from eight to thirteen percent. Almost all who grow gooseberries Chernomor, note its absolute resistance to such a disease as powdery mildew. There are also reports of light propagation of gooseberry cuttings and layers.

Features of growing gooseberries

Gooseberries Black Sea
Since gooseberries Chernomor does not require any special requirements for growing, we give the general points that must be taken into account when planting and caring for a bush.

Gooseberries are a light-loving plant, so whenchoosing a landing site should abandon the shaded areas. When planting shrubs, it is necessary to maintain a distance between them of not less than a meter. For the highest and most delicious harvest in a pit for planting a bush, it is desirable to infuse not less than 10 kilograms of organic fertilizers, 100 grams of ash and 50 grams of phosphate fertilizers.

Be sure to remove the dried roots and cut them.shoots so that on each of them there are not more than five kidneys. To fill the bush with soil is required very tightly so that no voids are formed. At the end of the landing requires abundant watering.

The first three years of growth of the bush it is necessary to cut the length of shoots, since the fourth year it is possible to do a decrease in density. Form a bush you can either in late autumn, or before the appearance of the first kidney.

To protect gooseberries from pests, treat the bush in the spring with carbofos and fly ash. If necessary, repeat the treatment after flowering.

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