Refrigerator Indesit DF 4180 W: specifications and buyer reviews

Refrigerator - important household appliances in eachhouse. It is he who helps to keep food and cooked food as long as possible. A freezer expands the possibilities of this process for many months. Usually the volume and characteristics of the refrigerator correspond to the needs of the owners. This is the size and availability of the freezer, and the method of defrosting. What is the refrigerator "Indesit", which has modifications? How is the Indesit DF 4180 W different from its counterparts?

Company "Indesit"

Initially, the company "Indesit" was called differently and was engaged in the sale of scales and gas bottles. Only in 1985 she received her current name. And since 2005 it is called Indesit Company.

refrigerator indesit df 4180 w no frost

Now she is a well-known manufacturerhome appliances in Europe and Russia. More than a dozen large enterprises have been created in various countries, including England, Poland, Turkey and Russia. In the Lipetsk region, there are two plants that produce refrigerators and washing machines - the company's main products. It is sold in Russia under the brands Indesit and Hotpoint-Ariston. For the year, factories in Lipetsk produce about 3 million items. 12 enterprises manufacture components for them.

The company's products are marked by many certificates of compliance with the main parameters. And the Indesit Company itself pays much attention to social policy.


If you want to replace your old refrigerator,then you need to decide on priorities. Which model suits you - separately standing or built in the general ensemble of the kitchen set? The second is built in such a way that it does not stand out against the background of furniture.

indesit df 4180 w

Probably, no one will give up the advantagesfreezer. But some owners buy it separately to procure as many products as possible for the winter. For this, two cameras will not be superfluous. Because people usually buy and a freezer, and a refrigerator with a freezer. Use it as a temporary container of frozen foods.

If you want to purchase a refrigerator withfreezer, you need to decide how it should be located relative to the cooling compartment. Two-compartment refrigerators provide an opportunity not to open once again a department that you do not need now.

Large-looking refrigerator can be insidenot so capacious. Therefore, you need to look at the volume of the chambers: refrigeration and freezing. But just so fill the extra volume no one will. A considerable part of it is occupied by defrosting systems.

Various defrosting systems

In refrigerators they are usually of these types:

  • Manual. The old proven method, in which the refrigerator is turned off, and the ice is removed manually. The temperature difference in certain parts of the chamber during operation reaches 9 degrees.
  • Drip, or crying. After considerable confinement, the refrigerator is switched off. The evaporator, located on the rear wall of the chamber, promotes the melting of ice. Water that has not evaporated leaves through a special hole in a special chamber (sometimes it is under the refrigerator body).

The disadvantage of such a system is the need fordisconnection of the device, the possibility of clogging the hole. In this case, it must be cleaned according to the instructions. The difference in temperature in different parts of the chamber reaches six degrees. From the pros: the model with such a system of purification is much cheaper and easier to maintain.

It is believed that in the near future, automatic systems will displace the droplets.

  • Automatic. This includes the No Frost system. The fan, which is inside the chamber, constantly disperses air throughout the territory. It uses freon, which dries air. Therefore, the products must be carefully packaged.

Advantages and disadvantages of the No Frost system

The No Frost system makes it possible to obtain a uniformtemperature throughout the chamber. Rimes and ice in such cases are almost not formed. The temperature difference in the extreme points is not more than 2 degrees. And this, in turn, allows you to more effectively freeze products.

From the disadvantages of an automatic defrost system, you can call a high price when buying and repairing, a strong fan noise when working.

Do not expect that the refrigerator will work without shutdown and cleaning for many years. Defrost such refrigerators completely at least once a year.

Refrigerators Indesit

This is a relatively new development. Refrigerators "Indesit" are designed for a separate arrangement of furniture. These are two-chamber models of white, silver, gray (stainless steel) and black.

The control can be mechanical or electronic. The latter adds a price, but does not have a particular effect on the quality of storage of products.

The freezer compartment can be at the top or bottom and have different sizes. Usually a small camera is placed in the upper part.

Defrosting is done in several ways. Many models implement it using the No Frost system. Sometimes it is only present in the freezer, but basically both chambers are thawed in this way. It qualitatively frees the chambers of ice and frost. But the food is dehydrated faster. So you need to pack them tightly.

The noise level of refrigerators "Indesit" - from 39 to 45 dB.

Description of the refrigerator Indesit DF 4180 W

Two-compartment refrigerator in white color with onenon-inverting compressor, in which the freezer is located below. Dimensions - 185 x 60 x 64 cm. The total volume - 333 liters, useful - 298 liters. At the same time, the refrigerating chamber has a useful volume of 223 liters, and the freezer has a useful volume of 75 liters.

 indesit df 4180 w reviews

The refrigerator doors can be installed in the left and right positions. You can reinstall them yourself. Customer feedback complains that the instruction does not indicate how to do it.


Refrigerator Indesit DF 4180 W belongs to the class A of energy consumption. This is a fairly economical model. The annual energy consumption indicator is 364 kWh.

Noise level in technical specifications43 dB. This is a small indicator. But in individual copies it can be higher. Many people do not like the Indesit DF 4180 W refrigerator because of this. The consumers' comments indicate that it is very noisy. Other buyers mention almost noiseless work. Note that increased noise is only heard when the compressor is turned on.

 indesit df 4180 w customer reviews

The disadvantage of the model, like all refrigeratorsIndesit DF 4180 W (customer reviews confirm this), we can name the quality of sealing rubber bands. Sometimes they crack and close the door loosely. In this case, the products quickly disappear. Therefore, it is always necessary to control whether the door is closed or not.

But everyone likes the look of the refrigeratorIndesit DF 4180 W. Customer testimonials indicate that it does not look cheap. Plastic and glass used in production, quality. The black built-in handle gives it originality. It is a hallmark of all modifications of refrigerators "Indesit DF". And some consumers say that the black handle does not show any dirt. Although it is not known, to attribute it to pluses or minuses.

The weight of the refrigerator is 66.5 kg.

Completion of the refrigerating compartment

In the refrigerator Indesit DF 4180 W all calculatedto place products as compact as possible. For this, there are 3 shelves made of shock-resistant glass inside the compartment and 4 boxes on the camera door. They are convenient to place bottles, small jars and bags. Presence of two transparent boxes for storage of vegetables is pleasant to buyers. There is a special stand for eggs. The refrigerator compartment is lit with an incandescent lamp. The defrosting system that the Indesit DF 4180 W refrigerator has - No Frost. It ensures the absence of ice and frost.

refrigerator indesit df 4180 w

Indesit DF 4180 W is designed for operation in the temperature range from 16 to 38 degrees Celsius (climatic class N-ST).

Completion of the freezer

Products in the freezer compartment can beplaced in three plastic boxes. They can accommodate edible supplies with different shelf life or processing degree. There are two ice trays. The capacity of the freezer is 2.5 kg per day. There is a function of accelerated freezing. Without light, the cold lasts 13 hours. This is a low indicator. Defrosting also occurs with the No Frost system.

As we see, the camera has a relatively smallIndesit DF 4180 W. Customer reviews, however, suggest that it is quite roomy. Many of this volume is enough to accommodate and store the right amount of products.


Not everyone appreciated the Indesit DF 4180 W refrigerator. The buyers' reviews say that some of the specimens are very rattling. The legs do not help either.

Among the main number of quality models there are also defective models. There are cases when the defrosting towers do not work, resulting in a lot of ice.

There are complaints that the volume of the freezer is less than 106 liters. But in the characteristics this value is indicated as the total volume.

Refrigerator Indesit DF 4180 W does not have complicatedcontrol systems. Adjusts the operation mode with a simple handle. Turning it around the axis, set the level of cooling. It also turns on or off the compressor. Some buyers like this system, but many people say that it is necessary to "set eye to eye", because there are no figures or magnitudes on the scale.

refrigerator indesit df 4180 w reviews

Refrigerator Indesit DF 4180 W does not have antibacterial coating. But this is not surprising. After all, the refrigerator "Indesit" is a technique that has a low price.

After buying, it is important to pay attention to the firstinclusion. First, the refrigerator must be kept for several hours after delivery. An hour or three later, they plug it into the network. First, the freezer starts to work. Somewhere in half an hour the refrigeration unit turns on. During this time, customers have time to be nervous, suspecting that their refrigerator is out of order Indesit DF 4180 W.

Customer reviews consider the lack of use of gas R600. More efficient and less harmful are the refrigerant 134a, which has been installed in Japanese devices for 25 years.

The compressor is also used outdated model.

Positive reviews

But most consumers are quite satisfiedrefrigerator Indesit DF 4180 W white. The testimonies indicate that he is reliable in his work. All systems are functioning, they do not fail. Freezing of food occurs quickly enough. Especially the consumers enjoy the quality of freezing fruits and vegetables.

Defrosting occurs automatically and does not require additional effort from the hosts.

refrigerator indesit df 4180 w white reviews

But the feedback of some buyers is noted as a drawback by the fact that there is no freezer ventilation regulation in the refrigerator.

The advantages of the buyers include the convenient location of the shelves. Declared for the refrigerator Indesit DF 4180 W specifications are met.

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