What are the locksmith tools? Which firms are the best metalwork tools?

Not everyone has sufficientthe amount of financial resources for hiring a team of workers and the more expensive the contractor who will perform all the necessary work. Therefore, when repairing an apartment, its owner has to do everything himself. In this endeavor, great experience, certain knowledge in the field of construction and, most importantly, multifunctional hand tools of high quality will become the keystone of success. It is important to know that the level of complexity of the operation depends on which professional kit should be used.

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If you have a good tool, you canabsolutely any operation as quickly and qualitatively as possible. To make the right choice of a hand tool, it is not enough to know only the approximate appearance, the name and its manufacturer.

Types of plumbing tools

Beginning with the tools you needfirst deal with their species. There are generally accepted four groups in which certain adaptations are combined. This classification is necessary to know exactly, because with specific work it will be necessary to make measurements first, and then markup and then "cut off". So, we will study more detailed metalwork tools.

Group names:

1 group - measuring instruments.

2 group - tools for marking.

3 group - General-purpose devices.

4 group - Fitting and assembly tool.

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Criteria for choosing a hand tool

First you need to figure out what you can dowith the help of this or that instrument. Simply put, one should study all its available functions well. Then you need to clarify to what maximum load this device is designed.

Most skilled craftsmen and lessExperienced workers widely use professional locksmith tools. But in their arsenal, apart from modern electric, pneumatic and gasoline appliances, there are also handheld devices. In addition, their assortment does not decrease at all and even steadily expands, which once again confirms the popularity of this category of tools.

When buying, it is worth paying attention, beforeall, on those devices that are the most familiar and familiar to an ordinary person. As a rule, no work can be done without them. What are the metalwork tools, read below.

Variety of screwdrivers

So traditional and well-known to alla screwdriver can be safely considered the most widely used tool. Any repair and installation work without it is almost impossible to perform. The range of these tools is now very wide. Industrial production of screwdrivers has recently changed significantly. Due to the choice of the type required, any work can be done much faster and easier.

The bench tools include several types of screwdrivers, which differ in the type of blade, size and diameter:

  • flat (rectilinear);
  • cross-shaped;
  • Specialized - are used when working with slots of increased complexity.
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One of the most important devices isruler. It is an indispensable attribute that complements the tools of locksmiths. Its price varies from 100 rubles and above, depending on the size and material used in the manufacture. The most qualitative are the metal rulers. It is worth noting that such models have the most accurate scale of division.

The following tools can be assigned to measuring instruments:

  • щуп - the complete set from steel plates, intended for definition of width;
  • caliper is a ruler with movable rods used to measure external, internal dimensions, as well as the depth of the hole;
  • micrometer is designed for fine work, because with its help you can accurately measure the smallest distance;
  • goniometer is a professional device used by skilled workers.

Clamping tool

Locksmith tools, such as pliers,clamps, clamps and other, are necessary for any work, even the most insignificant. For example, if you need to pull a nail or fix an object, you can not do without clamping devices. This type of tools belongs to a general-purpose group.

professional metalwork tools

Species of saws

Each self-respecting master must have at his fingertips at least several different hand-held saws. Practical applications are most often found as follows:

  • cross-cut saws with two handles;
  • beam saws;
  • traditional hacksaws for wood and metal.
    The name metalwork tools

Cutting tools

Scissors for metal, files of different sizesmust necessarily be present in the set of locksmith tools. These are hand cutters. However, for better work, a Bulgarian, a drill, a perforator will be useful. With their help, you can perform fairly complex manipulations in a relatively short time. For example, drill a hole for fixing. Such work can be done with a chisel, but it will take a lot of time and effort.

Such a familiar hammer

If we consider locksmith tools,undoubtedly, it is the hammer that is the most ancient of all known for today hand devices. His destiny, design and principle of operation are well known to every person. The standard hammer consists of two parts: a massive shock part made of metal, and a handle. The rear part of the impact component is called the butt plate, and the front part is smart. Hammers are designed for a variety of jobs, so the shape of the strikers can be different, for example, rectangular or round.

Number of hand tools inthe present time is more than two dozen. Among professional workers, kits of such brands as Matrix and Bosh (Germany), Force (Taiwan) are popular.

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