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Yesterday people were skeptical about everythingmultiquarks and multi-cups, while they themselves were not convinced of the remarkableness of this electronic device. At the moment, many TV shops advertise and highly recommend their products, especially the Redmond RMC-M4505 multivark. Initially, this multivarka was in the shadows, but thanks to its functions, it becomes the sales leader for today.

Ease of use

With this multivarka even children cope, becausethere everything is very simple, absolutely no need to expend any extra effort. One minus that might upset you is the Teflon coating. As it became known, Teflon coating has long been banned in Europe, and in Russia in Russia this kind of kitchen utensils, on the contrary, is very popular. Teflon was banned in Europe, as it quickly wears out and scratches in it secrete carcinogens that poison food. Therefore, this multivark should be handled carefully and use only wooden blades.

redmond rmc m4505

The function of deferred start is always hot food at any time convenient for you

Multivark Redmond RMC is equipped with manyremarkable functions. The function of delayed start is very useful for any family. Here everything is very simple, you need to set the cooking timer at the right time for you, only up to twenty-four hours, and enjoy the food at any chosen hour. One condition of delayed start must be observed: the multivarker must be connected to the network and there must be ingredients for cooking.

Maintaining the temperature of your food

Another great feature of the multivarkRedmond RMC-M4505. The fact is that this multivarker works as a thermos and maintains a temperature of up to 8 hours. Any dish cooked in it will bring you much joy and pleasure.

multivark redmond rmc m4505 reviews

Modes of the "Redmond" multi-

Multivark Redmond RMC-M4505 has 10various cooking functions. The color and design of this multivark are very original. The colorized silver metallic device takes very little space in the kitchen. The volume of this multivark is three liters, but do not worry, they are quite enough. Consider each cooking mode separately.

  • The first mode is "Express". Designed for cooking vegetables and seafood. Due to the fact that the maximum temperature in this mode is forty degrees Celsius, the products retain all the substances useful to our body. Average cooking time is about an hour.

redmond rmc m4505 price

  • The second mode is the function "Cooking rice". In this mode, everything is quite simple. It is designed for cooking various dishes and side dishes from the specified food product. The average time to cook rice in a multivariate is forty to sixty minutes.
  • The third mode is the function "Baking". This mode, one of the most common, is intended for the preparation of all kinds of goodies such as cupcakes, pies and much more. The average cooking time for all flour products is fifty minutes.
  • The fourth mode of multivark Redmond RMC-M4505 -this is the "Manual Extinguishing" function. It is very important to note that this mode is set manually. It is designed to extinguish any dietary foods, as well as cold and pour. The average cooking time in this mode varies from an hour to twelve hours.
  • The fifth cooking mode in this multi-this is the "Soup" function. This mode must also be set manually. The timer is usually set for two and a half hours. Soups, borscht, broths in the multivark are obtained simply extraordinary, very tasty and most importantly - low-calorie.

multivark redmond rmc m4505

  • The sixth and seventh modes are designed forcooking buckwheat and milk porridge, respectively. In the mode of cooking buckwheat porridge you can cook buckwheat in the form of porridge, as well as a garnish from the same product. In the mode of cooking milk porridge it is possible to prepare various kinds of soup, such as semolina, gherkins and many others. These modes on average spend on a dish up to forty minutes.
  • Eighth mode is the function "Preparation of pilaf". One of the longest in this multivark. The fact is that under this regime meat should be prepared first, and then pilaf is cooked, although we throw everything at once. The approximate time of preparation is five to six hours.
  • The last two modes are the functions "Heating" and "Steamer". These methods will always help you at the right time to make your meals warm.

Comfort in your kitchen

Multivarka Redmond RMC-M4505, the price of whichis an average of three to four thousand rubles, will harmoniously fit into the interior of any kitchen. For convenience of use the device is equipped with a sound signal, which always tells the owner about the readiness of the product. In addition to the signal, the multivark is equipped with a holder for a silicone spoon, which helps us to mix our products. The multivariate takes up little space in the kitchen and is easy to clean due to its non-stick coating.

redmond rmc multivarker

Customer Reviews

Multivarka Redmond RMC-M4505, reviews about which inmostly only positive, will bring you much pleasure. This device is acceptable in all respects and very simple to operate. The price of the multimark Redmond RMC-M4505 suits almost the entire population of our country. Many recommend such an assistant to relatives and friends. Previously, everyone liked to cook themselves, but when this multivarka appeared, people simply began to save their valuable time. It is possible, having come home from work, simply enjoy a hot dinner prepared by this miracle of technology. The thing is very good and useful, it's a pity that the lid to the removable bowl is not included in the kit. Buying this multivark, the buyer receives in the complete set:

  1. Container for steaming.
  2. Holder for a spoon.
  3. Silicone spoon.
  4. Instruction manual.
  5. Warranty certificate.
  6. A book with recipes, how to cook in a multivariate.

Multivarka Redmond RMC-M4505, reviews of whichwill interest each of you, is in great demand among people of different ages. Each of you should try this device and not be afraid of technical progress, which every day more and more enters our homes. Cook in the multivark and save your precious time.

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