Furnace "Heat" for the bath: customer reviews

The history of the bath has more than one millennium. Many bath traditions are still revered by people of different countries. The main advantage of any bath is steam and heat, which can be obtained only thanks to a good oven. Modern manufacturers of heating equipment for saunas and baths very well understand their tasks, developing new models. The oven "Heat" is a good confirmation of this.

What should be a stove in a bath?

To ensure excellent conditions for acceptancebath procedures, you must very well warm the air in the room. It is generally known that it is for these purposes that the furnaces serve, but they are not always capable of producing light steam and sufficient heat. True connoisseurs of bath traditions are sure that furnaces must meet certain requirements.

heat oven

Stones are an integral part of the furnace. For example, furnaces for the bath "Zhara" - depending on the modification - provide for the presence of different masses of stones, it can be from 60 to 120 kg. The stones heated up to 350-400 degrees increase the heat in the steam room, this is due to splashing water on them. Rapid evaporation gives not only steam, but also a significant increase in air temperature. Remaining for a long time hot, the stones dry the room after the end of the bath procedures.

Very important is the quality of the material thatare used for the manufacture of a heating system in a bath. It must withstand significant temperatures and high humidity, conform to the traditional character of the bath. The oven "Heat" is the most suitable for the descriptions given. The thickness of the steel from which it is made is 8-12 mm, which ensures high heat output and extends the life of the product. The surface of the oven for the bath "Zhara" is covered with special enamel. This protects the metal from corrosion, gives an aesthetic appearance. Bath heating unit harmoniously fits into the interior of the room.

Oven "Heat". Design and functional features

Bath furnaces of the brand "Zhara" have different versions. Models differ among themselves by a certain bundle, functionality.

oven heat reviews

First of all, it should be noted that the oven "Heat" (depending on the model) can work on different types of fuel - on wood and gas. This circumstance significantly increases the rating of the trade mark.

cast iron furnace

The basic model of each wood-burning stove can be optionally equipped with options. In this regard, the original version has the following varieties:

  • Furnaces with a platform or a ledge for placing a water heating tank;
  • furnace with furnace box;
  • furnace with a tunnel, which allows you to make a fuel deposit from an adjacent room.

The design of the "Zhara" bath oven excludes directthe passage of hot gases, they move along the stove, intensively heating the stones on the grate. This ensures efficiency in operation and economy in fuel consumption. The heating of the steam room to 100 degrees takes place in 40-60 minutes.

The volume of the stainless steel tank is selected to the dimensions of the furnace and the location of its installation. In addition, it is possible to regulate the process of heating water. If necessary, the tank is easily dismantled.

The oven for the bath "Heat". Customer Reviews

Sauna furnaces TM "Zhara" are very popular among buyers. And lovers of the couple do not hide their admiration, responding to the work of the stove.

oven for bath heat reviews

It takes up little space, looks nice, fastheats up even from one armful of firewood, provides good traction, produces a pleasant sound in the process of burning, has been working for 10 years, there are no complaints - this is how the oven for the bathhouse "Zhara" looks in the eyes of the users. Reviews, as seen, only positive. There is only one tip that should be worth using. It is recommended to install a protective screen, which will protect from burns and will reduce the heating of the bath wall. The company proposes to purchase decorative screens for these purposes, which also perfectly fit into the interior.

Heating furnaces "Zhara"

In addition to the sauna stoves, the company "Zhara" producesequipment for heating country houses, villas, garages and other residential and household buildings. The volume of the heated room can be from 40 to 200 cubic meters.

The model range is represented by structures,working on solid fuel - wood and coal. The hob, which in some models provides a stove "Heat", customer reviews are the most enthusiastic. Convenience is that there is an opportunity not only to warm up food, but also to prepare any dishes. On a flat surface of the oven, you can simultaneously place up to several units of dishes, intended for cooking.

furnaces for a bath heat

The basic models of furnaces can be completed with such additional elements, as, for example, system of chimneys, a decorative screen, the device regulating capacity of the furnace.

Where to buy the oven "Heat"?

The company took care of purchasingwood burning oven "Zhara" took the buyer as little time and effort as possible. To this end, in many cities of Russia, official representatives of the firm are working, who are ready to cooperate with customers directly. Making a purchase through the company's website is another option that is often used by buyers.

"Fire-ovens" from Izhevsk

Today, the production of stoves for baths and saunassuccessfully engaged in many enterprises in different cities of the country. Products for sale are of high quality and competitive. For example, super economy, modern design, convenience in operation promises fans of the sauna "Fireplace". Izhevsk is a city that produces this and many other models of wood-burning stoves. "Fire-stove" is made of high-strength steel sheets, in places of special load, their thickness is 8 mm. The customers are offered basic and modified models, which can include a remote tunnel, a hinged tank, removable cover panels.

heat oven Izhevsk

Particularly noted in the catalog is an oven with an openstove of the class "Elite". The casing of this furnace is covered with heat-resistant enamel, the furnace door is made of imported glass, which can withstand high temperatures. The furnace itself is made of high-temperature stainless steel with a chromium content, which prevents the possibility of scale formation.

Sauna stoves from Moscow

Moscow enterprise "Svarojić"specializes in the production and sale of heating equipment for baths and saunas. Cast iron stoves "Firebird" - this is one of the models presented in the company's catalog. Furnaces made of cast iron have a number of advantages:

  • According to the sauna lovers, it is the cast iron furnaces that can create a real heat.
  • The material of manufacture is gray cast iron. The furnace, made of it, is capable of withstanding loads up to 1000 kg.
  • The thickness of the cast iron furnace is 10 mm, and the heater - 15 mm.
  • The service life of the furnace, if properly operated, can be at least 20 years.

The company offers three optionsmodels of the furnace. "Firebird" class economy, while retaining all the important characteristics, makes it possible to cladding the furnace with brick or other material at the discretion of the buyer.

Standard stainless steel linings are added to the standard for the cast iron unit. The "Firebird" stove The standard is fully ready for use.

heating furnaces

The luxury package is different fromThe standard version is that the lining of the cast iron unit is made of natural stone. This not only increases the service life of equipment, but also improves performance. The design has an aesthetic appearance, it is an appreciable part of an interior of a premise.

How to choose a stove for a bath?

Buying a stove for a bath, each personstrives to get a quality product that will provide a wonderful rest, will last for many years and will be safe in operation. In order to achieve the set tasks, it is necessary to pay attention to certain details in the process of buying a furnace.

Firstly, it's worth to get to knowthe company that sells the product. From its reliability in many respects will depend on the well-being and health of the buyer and his family. Secondly, you need to try to get full information about the equipment you are purchasing. In addition, all accompanying documentation (certificate, passport, warranty card) must necessarily be in the hands of the client.

Correctly selected bath oven will bring warmth, health, easy steam and joy for many years.

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