House plant zamiokulkas - care at home

Zamiokulkas is a native of East Africa. This is an evergreen plant, the roots of which resemble a tuber. On the dark green oval leaves you can see the natural glossy gloss. This is one of the advantages that attracts zamiokulkas. Care at home is not too burdensome for him.

Zamiokulkas home care
Room zmiokulkas

The premises are usually bred by Zamioculcaszamiifolia. In people, this indoor flower is called a dollar plant. This representative of the flora is quite large and has fleshy stems. On each of them there are several hard leaves in the form of a feather (8-12 pieces). Plant zmiokulkas can grow up to one and a half meters. At home, almost no flowers.

Zamiokulkas - home care

When choosing the location of the plant, givepreference for sunny places. It is there that the zamiokulkas develops better. Care at home requires the shading of the plant - although it can withstand the direct rays of the sun, but the constant presence under them negatively affects the development of this representative of the flora.

Zamiokulkas turns yellow
In the early spring, the zamiokulkas need graduallyaccustom to sunlight - to avoid the occurrence of burns on the leaves. The temperature in the room where the plant is kept should be about 25 degrees in summer and at least 16 in winter. Pour zamiokulkas need moderate. This is done only after the land has dried. For irrigation, well-built water should be used. If the water remains in the pan - it should be poured. From September to February, watering should be reduced. One of the plants that perfectly tolerates dry air is zamiokulkas. Care at home, however, for its good development involves cleaning the shoots with a damp sponge. In summer, it is also recommended to spray foliage. Fertilize zamyokulkas every half a month in spring and summer. A special fertilizer for cacti and succulents is suitable for this. Since autumn, the feeding is stopped.

Plant zamiokulkas
Reproduction of zmioculcace

In general, this culture is multiplied by division intransplant time. You can root leaf blades. To do this, use a peat mixture with sand. The temperature should be about 20 degrees. Shoots appear about six months later.

Plant transplantation

Transplanted zamiokulkas once in 2-4 years. To do this, use high pots, whose diameter should match the size of the roots. At the bottom of them put drainage. The soil must consist of turf and leaf soil with the addition of peat, sand and ash.


If the zmioculcus turns yellow or appears on itdark spots, the reason - cold room and excessive watering. Control measures: reduction of watering and increase of temperature in the room. This representative of the flora can also rot roots and stems. The reasons are the same. When these symptoms appear, the plant needs to be transplanted to another land, cut irrigation and increase the temperature of the contents. Then a beautiful zmiokulkas will delight the eye with an exquisite look and decorate the interior of the room.

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