How to grow strawberries in the country

Today find a person who does not like strawberriesquite difficult. However, we can indulge ourselves only one, maximum two times a year. But what a time it is! Strawberries want to eat without ceasing, because the taste is sweet, with a fine sourness. He knows that the grown strawberries differ by their own taste about the one that is sold in the store. So, want to pamper yourself, find out how to grow strawberries on your own. Of course, in an apartment you are unlikely to want to do this (although it is not excluded), so to begin with, think about where you are going to turn this business. Of course, the easiest way to grow strawberries in the country. Even if the site is not very large, you can plant a small area of ​​strawberries, and later collect a good harvest from it.

So, let's figure out how to growstrawberries. Since growing strawberry seedlings for you will be a bit difficult, it will have to buy. You can buy seedlings as early as autumn, prepare for wintering, and in spring, plant them in beds. If you decide to postpone the purchase for the spring, then be prepared for the fact that the seedling will not be enough for you: it will be bought up with great speed. To strawberry well overwintered, it is best to store it in an unheated room (this could be a basement or a garage). The roots for better preservation should be sprinkled with sand, soil or wood shavings.

When it's time to land, you needprepare a place for planting. Note that the strawberry loves the sunny places, while the more it will receive sunlight, the better. Try to choose a place where practical there will be no shadow, and water during rains can not stagnate. Earth, of course, you do not have to choose, but just in case, remember that strawberries like chernozem or dark gray soil. If you are going to plant strawberries on a previously unused plot of land, it must be treated with herbicides. The place where something had already grown up before, should be nourished with mineral fertilizers.

So, the earth is prepared, how to grow strawberriesfarther. It remains only to plant it. It is best to plant the strawberries in rows, but in such a way that you can harvest the crops without any problems. Please note that the seedlings should not be placed too close to each other. This can affect the crop, and even weeding it will be more difficult. Ideal is the distance of 25 cm. Young sprouts need frequencies to water, as strawberries are very fond of moisture. When the seedlings get well, watering should be reduced, but watch to ensure that the land is not dry. In the process of growing strawberries, it should be periodically weeded, otherwise it will overgrow with weeds and become weak. In the first year flowers can appear, they should be torn off, so that the strawberries can get stronger and prepare for the next harvest.

That's all, now you know how to growstrawberries. I want to reveal to you a little secret how to save the planting from pests and weeds. Recently, gardeners use strawberries for planting strawberries. It spreads to the site where the landing will be made and fixed with iron rods. Then holes are made in this agrofiber, into which the seedlings are planted. Pests can not live on the surface of the fiber, and weeds do not have the ability to break out. The landing scheme is normal. The main thing is that it would be convenient to harvest. For this, you can even put paving slabs between the rows, well, or as it will be convenient for you. With the use of agrofiber, you get rid of tedious weeding, because in the next three years you will not even have to dig a site where strawberries grow. The harvest from it does not become lower, on the contrary, it can only be higher.

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