Spathiphyllum "female happiness" in your home

Flower spathiphyllum female happiness
There is an opinion that spathiphyllum will bring good luck inpersonal life and will present the long-awaited female happiness that comes into the house during the flowering of the plant. Therefore, you need to care for the spathiphyll with love!


Long since the girls had hoped and believed that the flowerspathiphyllum bestows their luck and long-awaited female happiness. This plant is necessary and it is possible to give only to those women whom you wish great luck, and men with it will hint at their feelings. It can be presented as a single copy, and in the composition of the composition. Spathiphyllum why "female happiness" is the second name? In the people this very beautiful plant has become famous among girls and unmarried women. They were sure that this flower will give them long-awaited happiness.

Is the care of the plant complex?

Spathiphyllum female happiness

Spathiphyllum "female happiness" is a long-term,original, interesting tropical plant from the family of Aroids. The room specimen has oval or lanceolate leaves, but it does not have a stem. The peduncle in the shape of the cob has an inflorescence. The plant spathiphyllum, as already mentioned, perfectly complements any bouquet. This flower is presented to that lady, who wants to wish sincere happiness. Receiving it as a gift, a woman wonders what to do next with him? Caring for the plant spathiphyllum "female happiness" in the room is a fairly time-consuming and difficult task. This plant is rather demanding and needs special care. So that it can fully grow and develop, it is required to create comfortable conditions for it - lighting, heat and high humidity.

Content at home

Spathiphyllum "female happiness" will feelitself is excellent in diffuse or artificial lighting, as well as in partial shade. For proper growth and development of the plant, only proper lighting is not enough. He needs a certain temperature regime. In spring and summer, it should correspond to 18-25 degrees, and in the periods of autumn and winter - 16 degrees. If the air temperature is below this, then the flower will grow slower. Great value in the care of the plant is watering, it should be abundant in spring and summer. It is necessary to moisturize the soil well or pour water into the pan. It is recommended to use water at room temperature, which must first be insisted for 12 hours. For long-term preservation of moisture, you need to put moss or sand in the tray. It is also recommended to spray flowers with warm water, but it should not fall on the cob at the time of flowering.

Spatifillum why female happiness
Additional fertilizing

Homemade plant spathiphyllum "female happiness"responds well to the feeding that must be done weekly. For this purpose it is recommended to use alternately organic and mineral fertilizers. You can use complex additives designed specifically for such plants. With proper care flower spathiphyllum "female happiness" as a token of gratitude will delight the surrounding with its charming appearance.

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