How to plant a rose on the dog rose correctly and at the first time

To make a successful vaccination of the illustriousflower, do not need another rose bush. It is enough to find a dog rose in your garden or forest. Interesting is the fact that the coloration of dog rose does not affect the color of future roses. When a suitable bush is chosen, it is excavated, after which it is necessary to thoroughly wash the roots of the plant so that no forest infection gets into the flower garden.

how to plant a rose on a dog rose

Deciding how to plant a rose on a dog rose, in autumn and winterchoose a part of the plant 4-5 cm thick and not less than 15 cm long. With smaller dimensions it is very inconvenient to work, and the probability of engraftment is very low. The upper edge is cut straight, and the bottom is necessarily obliquely. Next, take an ordinary plastic bag and fill with dry sawdust, they immerse the prepared pieces of roots and put the package in a cool place. The roots are laid down until the middle of March. The inoculation of roses on the dog rose is a laborious, but grateful process. Cuttings of the liked roses are prepared in the end of autumn, after full withering of colors. Blanks should have at least 5 cm of thickness, but necessarily with the kidneys. The ideal number of kidneys - from 2 pieces, then the difficulties in the process, how to plant a rose on the dog rose, will not arise.

inoculation of roses on a dog rose

After all the lodging the stalk is ready to beplaced on the dogrose. The grafting of roses begins with an incision on the upper part of the spine, a small "tongue" is obtained on the oblique cut. The same incision is made on the lower edge of the flower cuttings. The places of the cuts are firmly connected with each other and fixed with a usual tape, at least 5-6 turns around the cuttings. The obtained roots are placed in boxes filled with dry, clean sawdust. Store containers at a temperature between 12 and 15 degrees of heat for at least three weeks. It is at this time that the cuttings become fused, forming a built-up edge, and a simple technology becomes absolutely clear, how to plant a rose on the dog-rose at home. Boxes are moved to a place where the temperature does not rise above +4aboutFROM. This is necessary to ensure that young buds do not dissolve and do not pull out of the immature plant all the useful substances. In just one and a half months of such "cold" storage, cuttings are ready for further planting in a flower garden or a rose garden.

Before landing, remove the adhesive tape, and cuttingsburied in the ground under the film. Above the bushes are sprinkled with earth, which is gradually raked up as new young shoots appear. After the appearance of the first green leaves, the tops are plucked to form a beautiful bush. You can not pinch

on rosehip grafting roses
Side shoots should be removed, since long-awaited buds will appear on them.

Tips on how to plant a rose on the rose hips the first time

  1. Ground from young shoots rake only in the evening or on a cloudy day, otherwise tender shoots can die from direct sunlight.
  2. The roots of the dog rose are searched and harvested at any convenient time of the year.
  3. If there are no sawdust, you can usetraditional moss sphagnum or pine needles. Sometimes moss adds charcoal to combat excessive moisture and some bacteria. The proportion of coal and moss is one to five.
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