How to remove paint from clothes - review tips

Each mistress faces problemsremoving stains on clothing. Modern detergents advertise the rapid disposal of them during the washing process. But stain removers do not always cope with stains, since it's not possible to remove paint from clothing. Therefore, we need wise advice from the experienced to keep things in good shape. In this article - an overview of the most common tips, how to remove paint from clothing.

Do not forget that each cloth reacts in its own wayon various substances. Therefore, if one advice on how to remove paint from clothes helped to clean off jeans, then it's not a fact that the same thing will happen to another fabric. Therefore, before you start, try to find a piece of cloth and try it on a chemical effect.

The result of removing stains depends on the type of paint. If in the drawing class your kid planted a stain from the gouache, then you can simply remove cold spots from the clothes with cold water. If you immediately begin to wash hot, the paint will be welded and absorbed into the fabric.

Much worse things are with oil paints. What are the means used to process stains?

Sunflower oil or margarine is used forIn order to soften the stain from the paint. For some things (wool, drape, cashmere and other sensitive fabrics), oil can be the only remedy. After removal, it is necessary to stretch the place where there was a stain, a degreaser or a solution of baking soda.

Turpentine - a liquid with a characteristic smell of pine dissolves resins, oils, fats. Therefore turpentine is included in the composition of the mixture to remove oil paint stains.

Glycerine as a solvent is used in foodindustry. Our people have managed and use it to remove paint stains, only in hot condition. In this way, the paint is removed when there is a danger of damaging the color of the product.

Ammonium alcohol is mixed with another alcohol inand remove the aniline paint. In addition, ammonia finish the treatment of the stain after the action of other solvents. Warning for use - changes the color of the fabric.

Acetone - solvent - put on a cotton swab and process the stain from the edges to the middle, so as not to spread out. It is not recommended to use for skin, synthetic tissues.

Purified gasoline in a mixture with acetone, too, gives good results in removing paint from clothing. Use of gasoline from the machine tank is not recommended, since it may contain other impurities.

White clay, mixed with gasoline, is superimposed on the stain. After drying of gasoline, the clay is simply scraped off. Such help is suitable for things stained with oil varnish.

Bleach or hydrogen sulfate is used for bleaching to remove stain marks after dissolving on white fabrics.

If you get dirty at home or in the country, beforehow to remove paint from clothes, remember what was the paint. The solvent for a particular type of paint acts more efficiently. Therefore, when buying a paint, choose a suitable solvent. Then you can get rid of the stain faster.

Remove the old paint from clothes is very difficult,so do not delay this work for tomorrow, despite the bad mood. If the paint is already withered, you can gently scrape the stain with a knife, then soften with oil or turpentine. After that, connect the solvents - acetone, gasoline, alcohol - what is at hand. When the paint will lag behind the fabric, remove it with careful movements to prevent it from being absorbed into the interior. To do this, you need to change the cotton swabs. Remains of stains should be cleaned with ammonia or glycerine, spread in soda solution. Fat, left over from oil, can be washed with dishwashing detergent.

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