Flowers "The Bride and groom" - growing at home

Loved by many indoor plants, which inmostly known as "The Bridegroom and the Bride" has other names. For example, the bell or bell of Maya, and also called Campanula. Such a romantic name the plant has received thanks to its flowers, which can be lilac, blue or white. White flowers of this plant are associated with the purity and tenderness of the bride, and blue, respectively, with the groom. Flowers "The Bride and Groom", which differ in their blue tint, refer to the Maya variety, and the flowering white inflorescences are Alba.


Room flower "Bride and groom" isa perennial ornamental plant, whose shoots can not grow up. Inflorescences of the plant have an attractive shape, because they look like a bell. Flowers "The bride and groom" can grow in a darkened place, they have enough light. If the plant provides the necessary care, then it usually blooms for the second year. At the same time, it pleases its owners with an abundant number of tender and cute flowers.

Room flower of the bride and groom

In the event that both varieties of this plantplant in one pot, which happens quite often, then for growing you should know about some features of Campanula. Since its blue form is less active in growth, it can be drowned out with white flowers. For those who wish to have such a beautiful plant in their house, it is worthwhile to listen to the advice that the best flowers are "The bride and groom" feel when there is a "bride" next to the "bride", that is, in a pair. Each owner of such an original plant wants to continue the flowering period of the plant as long as possible.

Flower groom and bride care
Flower "Bride and groom", care for whichit is very easy to carry out, it usually starts to bloom from spring to autumn cold. Timely cleaning of dried up shoots and caring for roots and stems will allow the plant to enjoy its flowering for a long period of time.

Temperature conditions

Flowers "The bride and groom" love the warmth and diffusedlighting. In the summer, the owners of Campanula should take care to create a moderate temperature, and in winter it is better to keep it at a temperature not exceeding 12-15 ° C. The plant should be placed where there is no direct sunlight or drafts.

Flowers of the bride and groom


During the summer, it is worth taking carethe plant received a sufficient amount of moisture, that is, watering the campaignan should be abundant and frequent. As for the winter, in this period the plant requires rest and reduced watering frequency. In the period between watering, the soil must completely dry up. In order for the plant to feel comfortable, it needs moist air. For normal growth, the Campanula is best additionally sprayed.

Additional fertilizing

In order that the plant does not hurt, its leavesshould be clean, free of damage and any inclusions, otherwise problems with attack of aphids or spider mites can not be avoided. For growth and optimal development, additional fertilizing can be carried out and must be transplanted every spring.

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