Sorrel: growing in the country

sorrel growing
Sorrel - unpretentious plant, special expenseseffort and time does not require. Therefore, to grow this good additive to soups and salads in your garden is definitely worth it. Sorrel grows well even on poor soils. However, to get the best result, you need to properly prepare the soil.

However, before embarking on landing, it is worthdetermine the choice of variety. The most suitable for growing in the country site are considered spinach varieties. This, for example, may be Nikolsky or Andreevsky variety. Such a sorrel, the cultivation of which in this case is more rational, will be larger with leaves of ellipse shape. In addition, a similar variety tastes better, as it is not as sour as ordinary sorrel.

sorrel cultivation and care
The bed is best to dig in the fall and make inher some kind of organic fertilizer in the amount of five kilograms per square meter. You can also add potassium salt and superphosphate (20 g each). In the spring the bed will need to be loosened and add 20 g of ammonium sulphate per meter. Sorrel, which cultivation is carried out in several stages, is sown in early spring, in the middle of the season and in the autumn. In the latter case, it is necessary to plant seeds in such a way that they do not have time to germinate before the onset of cold weather. With the winter planting method, the first harvest can be obtained already in early May. Sown in spring, the sorrel begins to cut at the end of June, and planted in the middle of summer - in September.

Sorrel, growing of seeds which is appliedmost often, prefers sunny areas. However, he feels well in the penumbra. It grows well on acidic soils. They put him in lines. Distance between rows - 20 cm, between lines - 40. It is best to use this method. The fact is that after four years of cultivation, the leaves of sorrel begin to grow smaller. Therefore, between the lines are planted new plants, and the old ones are removed.

Seeds are embedded in the soil to a depth of 3 cm. If the ground is heavy - 0,5 cm. The sorrel grows on the tenth day after planting. As soon as the first leaflet appears in the plants, they are thinned in such a way that the distance between them is 5 cm. Sorrel, the cultivation of which is not particularly complicated, does not require feeding for a season. But this is only if a sufficient amount of organic material was introduced before planting in the ground. On unfertilized beds, it is worth using fertilizing containing nitrogen. What you can not do is apply phosphorus fertilizers to plants. Sorrel because of this begins to bloom.

sorrel growing from seeds
Another feature of this plant isThat it requires periodic loosening of the soil in which it is planted. Sorrel, the cultivation of which involves moderate watering, it is necessary to loosen after every moistening of the soil. In early summer, the leaves can be cut completely - the plant immediately releases new ones. Harvest this way you can every two weeks. However, after the third cut, the sorrel will only be suitable for canning. In August, a part of the leaves in the bushes should be left. Otherwise, under winter, the plant will be weakened.

Sorrel, cultivation and care for largelabor costs are not required, multiplies and forcing. To do this, take a piece of rhizome, the length of which is at least 50 cm. The most suitable plants are four-year old. Roots are buried in the ground to a depth of 18 cm.

Thus, observing agricultural techniques, you canto grow an excellent crop of sorrel. A lot of time it does not take away, and the diet can be diversified with delicious leaves, which contain a huge amount of vitamins.

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