Fennel - growing in the suburban area

Fennel is a long-standing member of the familyUmbrella. Wild plants are found in the Crimea, Transcaucasia and Central Asia. It is brought to the flora of both the Americas, China, and Japan. Growing fennel vegetable is widespread in many countries of Europe, Asia and the Americas. Cultivate it as a medicinal, vegetable and spicy plant.

Growing fennel vegetable

Fennel. Botanical characteristics

Appearance of fennel is very similar to dill, buthas a different structure of fruits and a more refined (reminiscent of an anise) smell. The height of the plant does not rarely reach two meters. Fennel has a rounded, erect, strongly branching up stem. Smooth alternate leaves. Blooms all summer months. Yellow melenkie flowers are collected in simple umbrellas, which are collected in a flat complex umbrella 15-20 cm in diameter. Oblong grayish-green dvuhsemyanki with a pleasant anise flavor and there are fruits of fennel.

Fennel. Cultivation from seeds

Cultivation from seeds is the main way,but there is a possibility to multiply it and by dividing the adult plant into several parts. Properly selected seeds for seeding - a pledge of successful fennel growing. In specialized shops, two types of fennel are available: ordinary (fennel) and vegetable (Italian). What is their difference? Ordinary will enjoy fragrant greens and medicinal seeds. With the skillful cultivation of the Italian variety, you get a harvest of snow-white dense cobs.

Fennel. Cultivation

Seeds are sown in the soil for winter or earlyin the spring to a depth of 2 cm. The distance between the rows is 50 cm. According to the advice of experienced gardeners, the bed should be after the root crops and prepared in advance in such a way:

  • At 1 square. m soil make 1 bucket of humus, 200 g of lime, 2 liter cans of dead sawdust. At will (or persuasion) 2 tbsp. spoons of superphosphate.
  • If sowing is carried out in the spring, to maintain moisture, the bed is kept under the film until May.

Seeds germinate 10-14 days after sowing, with an average daily temperature of 8 degrees Celsius.

After the appearance of amicable shoots (on the 5th-10th day)the plants are necessarily thinned (1 stalk by 20 cm), since high-quality cobs develop in diameter up to 10 cm. Then it is necessary to fertilize with infusion of mullein.

Fennel. Cultivation

Mullein preparation

Initially, a working solution is prepared. 1/3 of the capacity is filled with cow dung, 2/3 is added with water and mixed well. To prepare mullein, the working solution is diluted with water in a ratio of 1:10.

Fennel. Cultivation on the garden - tips for gardeners

In various literature is recommended repeatedlyhoe fennel. Cultivation by gardeners has shown other results. With frequent hilling, snow-white cobs are dirty, the earth remains between the cuttings. To avoid contamination of fennel need protection - about 20 cm in the form of a ring of two-liter plastic bottles. No matter how funny it sounds, but practice has shown the need for such "clothes". The ring is put on, slightly to the ground, on the plant before hilling. It is recommended to feed the mullein infusion twice during the growth period and regularly water the fennel. Cultivate it is not so difficult. And the result is the enjoyment of its greenery during the summer, and by autumn the beautiful snow-white cobs.

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