Chrysanthemum planting in autumn: tips of professionals

Chrysanthemums are unpretentious cold-resistantplants that are widespread almost everywhere. Today they can be easily found in any flower garden or botanical garden. Cultivation of these plants can please with their bright colors until the very late autumn, in addition, they grow very fast and take root. Many inexperienced gardeners are often concerned about whether it is possible to plant chrysanthemums in autumn, and how to do it correctly. After all, every florist knows that a lot depends on the choice of place and time of planting for this flower. You can simply destroy a plant by incorrectly choosing the conditions for its living and growing.

planting chrysanthemum in autumn

Chrysanthemum garden: planting and care

The planting of this flower usually producesautumn and spring. In addition, during this procedure during the autumn period, it must be taken into account that the chrysanthemum necessarily needs some time for rooting. Planting chrysanthemums in autumn is a very important occupation, requiring a special approach. First of all, you need to choose the right time. The period before the onset of winter cold should be at least twenty days. When planting, the plants try not to deepen, and a large number of fertilizers necessarily contribute to the pit. Suitable five to six kilograms of compost, biohumus, peat or humus. Fertilizers must be mixed with an equal amount of ordinary garden soil. After transplanting or planting chrysanthemum, it must be abundantly poured with warm water. Plant the plants in such a way that the distance between them is from thirty to fifty centimeters.

chrysanthemum garden planting and care
It must be remembered that the garden chrysanthemum,planting which can be made both in the spring and in the autumn, is very demanding to watering and loves water. That's why it needs to be watered abundantly and regularly with durable warm water. Violation of the regime causes a strong coarsening of the stems of the chrysanthemum and affects its flowering: reduces the size and brightness of the peduncles. The ground under the plant should always be slightly moist. However, avoid overflow and stagnation of water, otherwise chrysanthemum can rot. In summer and spring, before buds appear, it is necessary to fertilize the plant with a large amount of nitrogen fertilizers, which will allow it to increase a large amount of green mass. You need to spend it every fifteen to twenty days. After the bush grows and strengthens, the top dressing is changed to phosphoric and potassium fertilizers, which contribute to the abundant and prolonged flowering of chrysanthemums and increase their immunity. Also, sometimes a small amount of bone meal is added as an additional fertilizer.

chrysanthemum garden planting
Planting chrysanthemums in autumn is enougha complex and dangerous process, because the proper development of the plant requires good nutrition and a temperature regime during the first few months, when it intensively increases its vegetative mass. If you plant a flower too early, it can start to bloom and die during the cold, if too late, then its strength may not be enough for the winter season. If you have firmly decided that you need a planting of chrysanthemum in autumn, the best advice is to find a specialist who has already done this and knows how to properly choose the time for planting that corresponds to your latitude.

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