Choose a table for a first-grader

Preparing for school is a real test. And not so much for the child, as for his parents. How many questions need to be solved! How many things to buy! And it's not just about pens, notebooks and books, because the future schoolchild also needs the appropriate furniture! What should I look for in order to choose a reliable and high-quality table for a first-grader?

table for first-formers
First of all, decide for yourself: Are you ready to change furniture every 2-3 years. If not, then it is worthwhile to look at the transformable table for the first-grader, who will serve him, perhaps, up to the graduation. Some parents prefer the desks, the table top of which is tilted. However, it should be noted that such models are not equipped with drawers, so in this case you will have to buy an additional rack or shelves for the books and notebooks of the schoolboy. But here there is an undeniable plus - this is the slope of the surface. The load from the spine in this case and the tension of the muscles of the back are removed.
children's table for first-formers

Before choosing a table for a first-grader,be sure to consider exactly what it should be. Perhaps it is advisable to immediately buy a model with sections for the computer, because without this technique today the learning process is not complete. Although this option is difficult to call successful, because if the space is occupied by the monitor, less space will remain for writing supplies.

Going to the store to buy a table forfirst-grader, be sure to take along the very future student. It is very important that the bearing of the child during the lessons is correct, and this can be achieved only if the furniture is suitable.

how to choose a table for a first-grader
So, put the first-grader to the table. Note that the distance that forms between his belly and the edge of the furniture should not be greater than the width of the child's palm. Wrong position is fraught with the development of stoop. To determine if the table is suitable for a first-grader or not, ask the child to straighten up. Let him put his elbows on the desk, spread out his fingers and try to touch the outer corner of his eye with the forefinger. If he does it, then this table is perfect. If the finger rests on the forehead or chin, find another option.

It is also important to pay attention to the position of the legschild. If the knees rest against the table top, the table is too low. The knee, ankle and hip joints should be located at an angle of 90 degrees. In this case, the places under the table for the schoolboy's legs should be enough.

If you do not have the opportunity to take your child with you to the store, be guided by the following indicators.

Child's height, cm

Table height, cm







More accurate indicators can be obtained by measuring a schoolboy. If you sit him on a chair (the correct height) and measure the distance from the floor to the breast level, you will get the necessary height of the table.

And, of course, do not forget that the children'stable for the first-grader, like any other furniture for kids, should be made only of natural materials. Its main qualities are safety and convenience. Let your son or daughter already go to first grade, but they still remain children. Therefore, care for their health remains in the first place.

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