Planting a pine tree so that the tree grows beautiful

Today it is very fashionable to use coniferous plants to decorate the site near the house. And this is understandable, because beautiful trees all year round please the person with their juicy bright green flowers.

Pine is one of the most popular andunpretentious plants for a suburban area. It can be decorated right on the street during New Year's holidays, besides this, having a dense crown, the tree is able to protect the house from heat, dust and cold wind. How should the trees be properly planted on the site so that the plants develop beautiful and healthy?

Planting a pine: choosing a place

When determining the location of the future treeit is necessary to take into account the fact that the plant develops very quickly and, under favorable circumstances, can increase its size to a height of 40 cm per year. Adult tree reaches 30-50 m. And, surprisingly, the less sun rays get on the tree, the higher it grows. In order to get a low plant in decades with a splendid spreading crone, it should be planted on an open solar plot. It should be noted that after planting growth can not be stopped. The plant can only be limited in development: if at the end of spring or in the beginning of summer young shoots are cut off, the tree will slow its growth upwards and begin to develop in width.

Planting of pine: selection of seedlings

Purchasing planting material, it is necessary to drawspecial attention to the safety of the earth coma near the measles system. Saplings that have bare roots are unlikely to survive and die. Since the suction roots, which depart from the main root and nourish the whole plant, die in a lack of moisture after a quarter of an hour, and it is not possible to restore their vital activity.

Planting of Scots pine

If there is no need to plant a tree tallmore than three meters, then the best time for work is the period from April to May, this event can be moved to the beginning of autumn. It is at this time before the frost begins that the plant undergoes a period of adaptation to new conditions. If the pine is planted late (in November or early December), then it is necessary to cover the lapnik with a space near the trunk. This is done to prevent the root system from freezing and the death of a plant that has not yet had time to settle down.

Planting a Pine: Creating a Pit

Before landing, it is necessary to drawattention to the ground, located on the site, this will determine the size and composition of the landing pit. If the soil is clayey or loamy, then the site for planting will require bulk drainage. For this, at a depth of about 20 centimeters, a crushed brick or a small clay is laid, then the pit is covered with a mixture of sand and fertile soil. Place for planting should be selected on a hill, so that the plant does not get excessive moisture. For a good development of pine in the planting pit it is necessary to pour complex fertilizer. After falling asleep and leveling the planting site, abundant watering is carried out, in the future this will not be necessary.

Planting of Scots pine: care

As a rule, the tree does not require special care. However, like any coniferous species, it can be damaged by pests and diseases. Therefore, it is necessary to inspect the plant from time to time. A common ailment is rust, which can be eliminated by regularly collecting yellowed needles and treating the trunk with a suspension of zineb. From pests - aphids, scutes, mites, it is recommended to use carbofos. To get rid of silkworms and moths that hit pine branches, you need to remove needles that are infected with insect pests.

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