TV Samsung UE22H5610AK - the perfect tool for entertainment

Although the Samsung TV deviceUE22H5610AK nominally refers to entry-level solutions, but South Korean developers have equipped it with a number of additional options that can be found in more expensive products. As a result, a harmonious combination of affordable price and impeccable technical parameters and characteristics. It is this multimedia universal and functional center that will be discussed later.

To which segment of the TV market does the solution in question belong?

At the moment, multimedia television centers are divided as follows:

  • Ultra-budget devices have a diagonal of no more than 32 inches, display an image in 720p format, do not support Smart TV, and have a very modest cost.
  • Medium-sized products include TV sets with diagonals of 32-43 inches, a picture format of 1080 r, with support for Smart TV and a significantly higher price.
  • The most expensive devices differ from the average ones in that they have an image displayed in 4K.

samsung ue22h5610ak

Intermediate link between middle and initiallevels is the TV Samsung UE22H5610AK. Reviews indicate that up to the average level it does not hold diagonally the matrix, but it has all the other attributes, among which you can note the option Smart TV and the resolution of the matrix 1920 X 1080. As a result, as the main such multimedia center to use It is not advisable, but as an additional technique in the kitchen, it is very suitable. But, again, much depends on the well-being of the family, and for some, such a device can become the top of perfection and will allow to organize a full-fledged multimedia recreation and entertainment system.

What manufacturer has included in the delivery?

Something special or remarkable in terms ofthe delivery list can not stand out Samsung UE22H5610AK. There is everything that a new owner of this multimedia center may need in the course of using it. In this case, it consists of the following components:

  • TV with support.
  • Power cable.
  • The control panel, which is supplemented by a set of batteries.
  • Quick installation guide.
  • Warranty card.

samsung ue22h5610ak reviews

In this list, there is only an expandeda user's manual and a special mount to install the device on the wall. In the first case, there are no special problems for the reason that this documentation is in electronic form in the device menu. But the vertical installation system, even in premium TV solutions is purchased separately.

Characteristics: sound, picture, tuner specifications

39 W of electricity consumed during operationSamsung UE22H5610AK. The dimensions of this device are 324 X 520 X 52 without support and 342 X 520 X 155 with stand. The weight of the device is 3.6 kg. The diagonal of the screen, as was already noted earlier, is only 22 inches. The form of the output image is 1920 X 1080, or 1080 p. The aspect ratio of the picture corresponds to the most common to date - 16: 9. The only drawback in this case is the technology of manufacturing the matrix - TN + Film, not IPS. This, of course, worsens the image quality, but not so much. Especially since this budget device, and expect something else in this case is not necessary.

samsung ue22h5610ak specifications

In the stereo format, theSamsung UE22H5610AK. Specifications indicate the presence of 2 separate speakers. The nominal power of each of them is 3 watts. In total, it allowed to get 6 W of sound. If this is not enough for some reason, you can connect to such a recreation center and an external sound system. All the necessary ports for this operation are available from this TV.

Setup order

It's quite simple to configure and configure Samsung UE22H5610AK. The instruction in this case consists of the following stages:

  • We remove it from the box and collect it according to the attached instructions.
  • We connect the TV: the power cord to the power supply network, and the antenna one to its input. Connect to the same port from the cable provider or satellite dish.

samsung ue22h5610ak user guide

  • After enabling, we set the location region. Next, you need to search for channels through the "Settings" and "Channels" menu. Then select the sub-item "Autotune". Now set the format of the incoming signal. At the end of the operation, we save the received channel list.
  • Next, configure the network connection. In the "Settings" menu, we find the "Network" item.
  • At the final stage, all applications from the Samsung brand store are installed. After the installation of each of them has been completed, it is necessary to check the operation of the software.

Price, owner reviews

For 17,000 rubles you can at the momentbuy Samsung UE22H5610AK. The reviews highlight the full compliance of technical specifications and such a price tag. Of course, you can find more affordable analogs of this solution from lesser-known manufacturers, but the quality or functionality of them will definitely be worse. To the disadvantages users include the following:

  • Small screen diagonal of 22 inches.
  • The production technology of the matrix is ​​the obsolete TN + Film, and not the advanced IPS.

tv samsung ue22h5610ak reviews

But this is an ultrabudgetary device, and it is not necessary to expect a large diagonal or advanced manufacturing technology for the matrix. But the advantages with him are:

  • High resolution pictures in 1080 r.
  • Democratic cost.
  • Excellent functionality.
  • Availability of Smart TV function.


The most optimal Samsung UE22H5610AKUse as an entertainment center and watch various TV shows in a small room, for example in the kitchen. Another place of its application is a small cottage. It is in such cases that the solution under consideration will look worthy.

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