Passiflora: care at home (features)

A very beautiful houseplant ispassionflower. Care at home for a flower is not very difficult, but all procedures should be done very accurately. The fact is that the plant is quite capricious. In order for it to develop well, it is necessary to organize a support so that it can freely curl. You can plant a flower on the balcony or at the cottage. The fact is that he likes cool air. And he is able to bloom very long: from summer to late autumn.

Passionflower care at home

If you decide to buy a plant, then trychoose such bushes in which the flowers have not yet been revealed. Passion flora, home care for which should be carried out daily, is a very beautiful plant. The flower has blue, blue and yellow shades. The shape of the inflorescence is quite original. It should be noted that the plant is photophilous, so in winter it will need additional lighting. If you put it in the shade, you'll never see how it blooms.

If you decide to plant such a flower asPassiflora, home care should imply compliance with a certain air temperature. In warm weather, it should be between 18 and 24 degrees. Since autumn, the pot with the plant can be rearranged to a colder place. Naturally, the passionflower needs to be watered additionally. Perform this procedure every 2 days. If it's hot in the room or on the street, then you need water every day. In winter, you can reduce the number of "water procedures" to one per week.

Passiflora reproduction

If the house has a plant such as passionflower,care at home should take into account the constant maintenance of the humidity level. In summer, there is a need for additional spraying of the flower. Do this several times a week, and the water should be very soft. If there is a cool weather, but the plant is in the open sun, then spraying should not be done.

Passionflow is very good in the country. Naturally, for this purpose it is necessary to prepare a special ground composition. For example, mix 1 part of the coarse sand with two parts of clay soil and peat. Naturally, the plant needs periodic feeding. This should be done once a week in the warm season. In winter, you do not need to do this procedure. Pay attention to the concentration of fertilizer, it should be 2 times weaker than stated in the instructions.

passionflower in the country

Presented flower needs an annualtransplantation. In this case, you have to cut off all the shoots, so that the plant will grow more intensively. A very large pot should not be used for this, since in this case the passionflower will not bloom. Pruning plants should be done before it appears buds.

If you want to plant a flower likePassiflora, reproduction should be done by cuttings. On the escape with this should be a few kidneys. You can make the procedure regardless of the time of year. To grow a flower it is possible and from seeds, however for this purpose it is necessary to organize a correct temperature mode indoors.

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