When to transplant strawberries to get healthy plants and early crops

In order to make strawberry bush the next yeargave a good harvest, they must be transferred to a new location. When to transplant strawberries and how to properly land? All these questions will be discussed further. The period of the process of berries transplantation begins at the end of summer or with the beginning of autumn. This plant must be constantly transferred to a new place, since strawberries on one bed degenerate, and bushes stop giving good large fruits. It is better to transplant in overcast, inclement weather, the land should be well moistened, this will speed up the process of engrafting bushes and will not let young plants die. Straw the strawberries usually once in three or four years, during this time the bushes give the maximum number of fruits, after which the yield goes to a decline. For a new bed, young plants should be chosen, old bushes should not be planted again, they can be removed, since even in a new place they will not bring a good harvest.

when to transplant strawberries

When to transplant the strawberries, so that she will please her berries in the next season

The landing of the young rosettes can begin aftersix weeks, when the plant will cease to bear fruit, of course, if weather conditions permit. When it is hot, hot summer, it is better to wait until the cooler weather is set.

Preparation of a new site for strawberries, planting and care

For planting it is necessary to prepare a plot in advance,it is digested and fertilized with humus, and chicken manure, peat or wood ash can also be introduced. Bushings should be chosen with a well-developed root system and with several leaves. The saplings are dug out on the same day, otherwise they will lose moisture. When planting, it is necessary to spread all the roots, and its depth should be such that the earth does not cover the upper bud of the plant. New bushes require constant watering, but too moisten the soil is not necessary, otherwise the plants will start to rot. Be sure to water the soil after irrigation, observance of all these simple rules will help to get strong bushes and a good harvest.

strawberry transplantation in May

When to transplant strawberries in autumn

Autumn period of moving strawberries to a new onebeds can last until the end of October, everything will depend on the weather. But it's also not necessary to delay, as it will not be able to take root before the frost and may die. Transplanting strawberries in the fall also has its advantages, new bushes will be able to harvest already in the next season. Planted plants should be covered with leaves and dry branches for the winter period. To obtain a good harvest, it is also necessary to change the location of the bed. It is not recommended to plant strawberry bushes in the garden where potatoes, tomatoes, cabbage, cucumbers and peppers used to grow, but the beds with carrots, radish and greens will be a suitable option for new berries seedlings.

strawberry transplantation in autumn

If strawberries are transplanted in May, thenberries in the summer will not be, except there can be special varieties. In spring it is also possible to annoy the places where the bushes that were planted earlier in the autumn did not take root. It is not difficult to take care of strawberries at all, and if you follow all the rules and know when to transplant the strawberries on time, you can harvest a considerable harvest every season.

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