Mask "Chameleon" - maximum convenience for welding work

Almost gone are the days when weldersworked with welded flaps, which were held in front of one hand, while the other hand needed to cook the part. A conventional shield can be seen only in small workshops or when carrying out infrequent household work. For professionals and those who conduct welding on an ongoing basis, welding masks of new generations, including the mask "Chameleon", have long been invented and produced.

chameleon mask

It is often an elegant helmet withbuilt-in light filter, while the latter is fixed in the headband and is not lifting, but can be removable and replaceable. The principle of the light filter, which has a welding mask "Chameleon", is based on the use of a complex design of polarizing films, liquid crystal components, supplemented by an infrared and ultraviolet filter. Placed under a protective glass when connected to a lithium battery and a solar battery, this design automatically produces a light shade depending on the lighting conditions. And the radiated light during welding works, let's just say, is simply unbearable for the human eye due to its extreme brightness.

Mask welder "Chameleon" in addition to the main function- optimal lightening - also has the ability to diffuse reflected light, which also positively affects vision. A small drawback of the design is that the light, passing through several layers, dissipates somewhat, which reduces visibility.

chameleon welder mask

The Chameleon mask has a number of characteristics that need to be considered when buying it, including:

  • Optical class (from 1 to 3), which determines how geometrically clearly the objects are seen through the "layered" filter;
  • light scattering - the turbidity of the filter;
  • homogeneity - degree of uneven shading;
  • degree of shading depending on viewing angle;
  • turn-on time - shows how fast the light filter starts when welding begins. The professional mask "Chameleon" has this indicator no more than 50 microseconds.

welding mask chameleon

The filter of the mask must necessarilyhave certification and qualification for a particular type of work. In the absence of these characteristics, it is better not to buy a mask. It is believed that quality filters are produced by such companies as Speedglass, Optel, Otos, Tekmen, Shain and Balder. They have international certificates guaranteeing quality, convenience, ergonomics and reliable vision protection. Sometimes manufacturers buy the above filters for welding masks of their brands, but this does not always guarantee the high quality of the final product. Therefore, it is better to buy the original mask "Otos", "Shain", etc.

For those who cook a lot, the best purchaseThere will be a "Chameleon" mask with removable, not built-in batteries. their service life is limited to 2-3 thousand jobs, after which the elements must be replaced. Agree that the replacement is much easier to make, if the design of the welding mask does not need to be opened.

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