The capricious hamedoray. Home care

hamedoray care at home

Hamedora is considered one of the most popularhouse plants, it is also called bamboo, or reed palm. It comes from warm edges, that's why it takes a corresponding attitude to oneself. In the halls, spacious rooms, halls and corridors, the chade is very beautiful and original. Care at home for this exotic beauty, though not very problematic, but also easy to call it. Hamedorei requires a certain temperature regime, timely watering, feeding, lighting. By complexity in nursing it can be attributed to the middle class, that is, the plant does not require increased attention, but it can not be planted and forgotten.

Homedorei at home is finefeels at a temperature of about 17 ° C throughout the year. It fits her perfectly. The plant can tolerate an increase or decrease in temperature, but insignificant. In summer it can be taken out to fresh air: in the garden or on the balcony. The palm does not bear direct sunlight, so it needs to provide protection. At high temperature, care should be taken to increase the humidity of the air, only in this way can the heat of the hamedoroya be transferred.

Home care involves dailyspraying from the spray. You can do this twice a day, palm for your care will thank the riotous growth of juicy leaves. To maintain high humidity, you can put a container with wet rubble next to the pot. Some growers in order to ensure the hamedoree heat put it in the cold season near the batteries and other heating appliances. Doing this in no case it is impossible, because the air there is dry and hot, which, undoubtedly, will affect the appearance of the leaves: they will turn yellow, wither at the tips.

hamedora at home
For feeding, the hamedorea reacts very well. Care at home requires regular application of fertilizers twice a month with weak solutions. To watering a houseplant you need to approach with all seriousness. The palm does not like dry soil, leaves start to turn yellow immediately, too much water can not tolerate water, because they can start to rot roots. Disdainful attitude towards himself is not tolerated by the hamdorei. Care at home requires careful monitoring of the condition of the plant.

The substrate is best to buy ready. Ideal for priming palm trees. After acquiring a hamidorei, you have to wait half a month to get used to the new room, and then you can transplant it into another container. Young pots should be changed twice a year, with time intervals between transplants should be increased. The home palm of the hamedorah is multiplied in two ways: by seeds and sprouts. The first option is preferable and simpler. Seeds should be placed in separate cups and placed in a room with a temperature of 25 ° C. They must be constantly moistened. Seedlings will appear in a month or one and a half.

homemade palm tree
At home, you can grow different varietieshamedorei: elegant, oblong, high, monochromatic. If there is no time to constantly take care of the plant, it is best to purchase the least capricious palm tree, elegant (elegant).

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