Planting tulips for the winter: the features of the procedure

Planting tulips for the winter is the optimal solution,since during this period the soil is still not sufficiently cooled and the bulbs have the opportunity to take root well before the onset of cold weather. For this you will need about a month. Before planting the tulips, you should sort the bulbs according to their size. The fact is that those of them that have smaller dimensions need to be buried not very deeply.

planting tulips for the winter
Planting tulips for the winter should notit is too late, as they will not have time to take root and will subsequently grow more slowly. It should be noted that large bulbs must be planted at a certain distance from each other (no more than 10 cm). As for children, they can simply be planted in a furrow. If bulbs are small, then they can be stacked a couple of pieces in one hole.

Planting tulips for wintera certain distance between rows (not less than 20 cm). The fact is that every bulb needs good nutrition. If they grow very close to each other, useful substances come in insufficient quantities. During work, try not to press bulbs into the ground too much, as you can damage them, so that the plant quickly lends itself to diseases.

processing of tulips before planting
In order for the planting of tulips under the wintereffective, you just put the plant in the hole and fill it with earth. However, pay attention to the fact that in this place you should not leave any depressions in which rainwater can collect. It clogs the pores in the soil, thanks to which air enters the plant. And from too wet environment, bulbs can start to rot. Before the onset of frost, freshly planted tulips should be covered with a small layer of peat, straw or dry leaves. It is especially important to carry out this procedure in the event that the winter turns out to be very little snow. In addition, mulching prevents the rapid growth of weeds and promotes good nutrition of tulips.

It should be noted that all procedures should bedone very carefully and responsibly. Processing tulips before planting is mandatory, if you do not want to get sick plants as a result. To do this, leave the bulbs for an hour in a solution of potassium permanganate (0.5%). After treatment, they should be planted very quickly, since after feeding, young roots start to grow intensively, which can be broken, and new ones do not form in their place.

depth of planting tulips
It is necessary to understand still with what should bedepth of planting tulips. Here everything depends on the size of the bulbs. The more they are, the deeper they need to dig in. For tulips, the optimum condition is 2-3 heights of the bulb, depending on the severity of the soil. However, do not break the 20-centimeter barrier. The fact is that in this case the growth of the plant slows down, it feeds poorly, it is more difficult to break through to the surface, and the number of children is markedly reduced.

If all the procedures are met, then in the spring you can admire the beautiful strong colors. Good luck!

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