Snapdragon: cultivation, care, flowering

Snapdragon is a delicate, bright and very sweet flower. Grow it in the country, the balcony and even in the pots will not be difficult, since the plant is not very whimsical in the care, but without attention it should not be left. This unusual name of the flower was due to its inflorescences, which are similar to the open mouth of a lion. And it is often called "doggies", although the official name is the antirrinum belonging to the family of Noricchnikovs.

Snapdragon: growing seedlings

There is a huge number of different varietiesflower, differing in their color and height. There are short, tall and medium-sized varieties. If you decide to cultivate such a flower, then you will not regret it. It will take a worthy place in your flower garden and for a long time will please its colorful flowering. True, it must be planted every spring, since the plant can not bear our winters.

Cultivation of the lion's pharynx begins with plantingseedlings. You can, of course, skip this step by dropping the seeds directly into the ground somewhere in the middle of May. It is worth noting that the seeds of the flower are very light and small, so it is not necessary to deepen them. That the seeds are not carried by the wind, the ground after planting should be slightly rolled up.

It is best, of course, to start growing lionzev from the planting of seedlings, because in this case you will start to blossom much earlier. In the middle of March, sow the seeds in small boxes, and cover the top with glass to maintain the desired level of humidity. Do not wait for rapid seedling, they will appear in about two weeks. As soon as the shoots get stronger, they should be weeded out so that the seedlings do not interfere with growing each other. When growing seedlings, care should be taken to ensure that the soil is moist but not over-moistened.

Snapdragon cultivation

Landing in open ground

Seedlings of lion's phallus are planted in an opensoil in the middle or end of May. It is possible earlier, if weather conditions permit. The seedlings are planted at a distance of about 15-20 cm. Plants acclimatize quickly and easily, most importantly, do not forget to monitor the humidity. Snapdragon grows well in sunny areas, in the shade it can be very tight, trying to find the light source. A few weeks after planting, the flower can be fed with organic fertilizers or nitrophase.

Flower of the lion's pharynx
When will the flowering begin? It will happen about an average of 100 days, and to please you with its flowering plant will be until the first frosts and even during them. The flower of the lion's pharynx can live even at a temperature of -5 ° C.

As a rule, the flower well tolerates the createdconditions, grows on any soils. It is practically not affected by pests, but still it can get root rot or become infected with Septoria. In this case, there is nothing left to do to stop growing the lion's throat and tear it from the ground with the root, so that no damage to healthy plants that can still blossom well.

You can grow lion's pharynx not only at the dachaplot, but also on the balcony, you can try it in pots right on the windowsill. In general, do not miss the opportunity to rejoice in the bloom of such a gentle and colorful flower.

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