We understand how to plant an apple tree in autumn

Once it's time to plant an apple tree in your garden,so that it gives you excellent results for at least 20-30 years. The main problem is that beginning gardeners often do not know the mass of elementary things. By the way, and when to plant apples? In autumn - the most suitable time.

how to plant apple in autumn
Yes, some experts practice springlanding (especially with arid autumn). But the autumn type is much preferable, since it gives the seedlings time to get used to and prepare for the subsequent vegetation.

The soil should be light enough and well permeable for air and water, and the depth of groundwater can not be more than two meters.

If you want to plant several trees at once, then between each seedling is a gap of three meters, and between rows - at six meters. So how to plant an apple tree in the fall?

It is necessary to know that the fossa for the seedling is prepared strictly in a month. The soil is digging a depression one meter in diameter and 0.7 m deep. The top layer of fertile soil is removed and stacked separately.

Then a peg with a diameter of 5 cm is driven into the center of the pit. The upper part of it should protrude beyond the hole by 0.4 m. To prevent the stick from rotting, its lower part should be burned on fire.

how to plant an apple tree in autumn
Before planting an apple tree in autumn, you needprepare the soil mixture. To do this, the removed fertile soil is mixed with peat and humus, sand is also added to clay soils. After this, the resulting mixture is poured into the hole, and above the surface of the rest of the soil should form a mound (stock shrinkage).

Since you can plant an apple tree in autumn only withtaking into account that the seedling will be perfectly healthy, as you should examine it. Cut off some roots at the ends: if the cut is white, then they are alive and not overdried. Sick and dry places need to be cut, covering the resulting wounds with a garden fog.

After that, in a pre-prepared placeThe hole is digging, and its diameter must exactly match the diameter of the hole for the root system of the tree. Lay the required fertilizers (depending on your locality), and pour on the humus so that the roots of the tree are not burned.

when to plant apple trees in autumn
Before properly planting an apple tree in autumn,it is necessary to determine the sides of the world. It is necessary to do this in order to locate the landing peg (which was driven into the previously excavated pit) on the southern side of the apple tree. In the hole, the seedling should be planted so that the root neck rises above the soil surface by 5 cm.

In no case can it be buried in the ground, since in that case your tree is unlikely to bring at least one crop. The above is also not worth it, since in the hot summer the apple tree will simply dry up.

When planting, you must carefully spread it in the pitroots, fill them with earth and lightly rammer. In the process of falling asleep the root system, the seedling should occasionally be shaken so that the voids between the roots are evenly filled with soil.

After this, the tree is tied to the planting peg. Water the seedling with two or three buckets of water, after which the soil surface is mulched with humus.

We hope that you have learned how to plant an apple tree in the fall. Carefully read this manual and you can proceed.

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