How to remove the smell of cat urine?

The question "How to get rid of the smell of cat urine?"It is believed that the smell of cat urine, especially cats, is practically impossible to deduce, and the only fate of spoiled things is a garbage container. Indeed, it is very difficult to remove this persistent smell, although cat urine in composition is no different from the urine of other animals.The whole thing, apparently, is that a cat is just the most common pet.

In fact, the problem, rather, is notwashing of cat urine throughout the house, and in the preparation and cleaning of the cat's toilet, as well as in the proper upbringing and care of the pet. Thus, in order to get an answer to the question of how to remove the smell of cat urine, it is necessary to find out why this smell generally appears, and to eliminate the causes of its appearance in the apartment.

Most often the problem is related to the fact that the cat goes to the toilet not in a specially prepared place, but wherever she wants. Why is this happening?

The cat does not like her toilet. Maybe I do not like the place where the toilet is. It must be remembered that a cat likes to cope with its natural needs in a secluded and quiet place.

The tray can be small in size to the animal. And, of course, the cat will never sit in a poorly washed tray. After all, cats are very clean in nature, and their sense of smell is much sharper than the human. Therefore, the toilet for the animal should be thoroughly washed every day with the use of detergents, and then there will not be a question about how to remove the smell of cat urine.

Stress and restless behavior can pushcat to go to the toilet in places not intended for this. Most often, this condition of the pet is associated with insults, which are caused by a prolonged absence of the owner or punishment of the animal. Cats prefer a calm, even to themselves attitude, without violent outbursts of adoration or, conversely, hatred. Therefore, having established an animal, a person, being an intelligent being, should exercise patience, reckon with the nature of the pet and build a normal relationship with him. Most likely, it is not necessary to start an animal to the person who rarely is at home and can not give the pet enough time.

Cat diseases associated with urinary incontinence can cause urination in unauthorized places. This can also happen in the case of an old cat.

The cat immediately discovers new things. Most often these are rags or shoes. The animal begins to urinate on these objects, considering them an encroachment on its territory. To prevent this from happening, you can simply remove all things in places that are inaccessible to the cat, and there will be no question how to remove the smell of cat urine.

But the most unpleasant problem is the labels of cats. Thus, the cat marks its territory, sprinkling door jambs, walls, furniture and other items. The smell of labels is more persistent, harsh and unpleasant than the smell of urine, since such a liquid contains a specific secret. Most often this problem is solved by castration of a cat.

How to remove the smell of cat urine, ifThe listed problems are not solved yet. This will depend on the quality of the treated surfaces and the aging of the stain. It is best to remove puddles and labels immediately after their appearance. A fresh puddle needs to be dabbed with a paper towel, so that as little as possible liquid remains on the couch, armchair or carpet - this will facilitate further cleaning. If the urine is poorly washed, then the seemingly disappearing smell when wetting this place will return again, which is due to the properties of uric acid that is included in its composition.

If the question is ripe, how to remove the smell of cat urine, then you can use both folk recipes and professional means, the choice of which in the modern market is incredibly great.

There is a misconception that the best wayfighting this odor - chlorine-containing drugs. They are certainly good oxidizers and excellent disinfectants, but their high toxicity is dangerous for animals. Problems with ammonia, which contains ammonia, like uric acid, will not solve the problem, and, therefore, will only worsen the condition. The use of perfumes also does not solve the problem, leading to an even more unpleasant smell.

Of the funds that are in any house, such oxidizers as manganese, an aqueous solution of vinegar, lemon juice, a solution of iodine, hydrogen peroxide are good.

If the stain only appeared, then it is possible to influence it with the most simple means: laundry soap, alcohol, tea tea, a solution of soda.

Home remedies for feline urine are prepared from several of the above components.

A very simple remedy can be prepared in the following way: mix soda, hydrogen peroxide and liquid hand soap. Apply the product to a contaminated area and rinse with water.

Another remedy for cat urine: vinegar diluted with water, put on a stain, get wet with a paper napkin. Then sprinkle the stain with soda. Mix the dishwashing liquid with hydrogen peroxide and rub into the stain, and then remove with a vacuum cleaner.

As for flavors, they only for a while beat off the smell.

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