Hood for extraction: connection of the device

No kitchen can do without ventilation andextracts. Otherwise, all the smell and steam will remain indoors, soaking the walls. However, the choice of the device must be approached with care. Hoods in the kitchen can have different shapes, dimensions and provide different functions. And the polluted air can be discharged to the street through the ventilation duct, and can be cleaned inside the device and returned back to the room. Choosing the right option is necessary, based on the needs of the room, its style and size, as well as the taste of the owner.

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In any case, you need to focus not only onthe external beauty of the device, but also on its functionality. Also it is necessary to pay attention to the additional functions of the hood. A very important indicator of the device is its power, because a small performance can ensure the cleaning of a small space.

Best of all, if the device has the same dimensions,as a hob. And the size of the air purifier directly depends on the height of its installation. It is necessary to pay attention to how much noise is produced during the operation of the device. Naturally, you should choose the hood the least noisy.

If the choice is already made, then it is necessary to makecorrect connection of the hood. First of all, it is desirable to check the operability of all elements of the device: fan, backlight. Modern appliances for cleaning the air in the kitchen can work in both air recirculation mode and take couples to the street. Switch mode can be a special button.

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As for installing the device, then to startit is desirable to note its height on the wall and attach the hood to the intended place. If the device operates with ventilation, it will require a hood for extracting, by means of which it will be connected to the vent channel. But first you need to install a plastic cylinder with a check valve on the exhaust hole. It is necessary to protect the room from excess draft and return the odor from the ventilation duct. Further on the cylinder is attached to the hood for drawing, which is usually made of aluminum, and fixed with a clamp. Before attaching the corrugation to the duct, it is necessary to put a grate on it. Moreover, the grate can already have an opening under the hose for evacuation of steam.

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It should be noted that the corrugation for drawingis purchased in a compressed form and can be stretched for a distance of up to 2 meters. When purchasing the submitted item, you must also consider all the necessary bends. If the distance from the hood to the duct is large enough, it is better to buy several corrugated hoses.

It is best if the corrugation for drawing is not large bends and does not sag. To ensure that the steam hose does not vibrate, you can additionally attach it to the mounting tape.

The hose for extraction on both sides is fixed by means of clamps. After installing the device, you can plug it into the outlet and check the operation. In the kitchen, you should arrange a separate outlet for the hood.

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