Why do the pines turn yellow? Pests of a pine. Color of needles

In accordance with modern fashion trendsmany owners of summer cottages or country houses plant coniferous plants there, in particular pine. However, sometimes they have to deal with such a problem as yellowed needles. In this case, such a nuisance is observed almost on the greater part of the needles. Sometimes this is not a reason to sound an alarm, but once again look at the plant and make sure that it was not struck by pests.

What factors need to be considered when planting a pine tree?

Many people have known since childhood that the pinerefers to evergreen plants. Why pine trees turn yellow, many do not know, but this fact takes place. First of all, you need to pay attention to the correct seeding.

When buying a plant for planting,be sure to look at the intensity of the color of the needles. Also worth paying attention to the roots, which must have many small shoots, in addition, they must necessarily be wrapped.

For planting coniferous species it is better to choose an open terrain, and if an alley is planted, then at least three meters must be retreated between the trees.

The answer to the question about why the pines turn yellowneedles and dry, can hide in the wrong choice of soil composition. Basically this representative of the flora likes a rather poor soil with a high sand content, but it should be quite light and loose.

Why the pines turn yellow

When planting the plant should be neat,so as not to damage the root collar. So that the soil does not dry prematurely under the tree, it must be covered with mulch. It also prevents the growth of weeds and neutralizes temperature changes.

Autumn yellowing of needles

Despite the fact that the basic subtleties when plantingare observed, many are wondering why the pine turns yellow in autumn. What to do in this case? If the percentage of yellowed needles is small, then do not panic. Just needles live an average of 3-5 years and are gradually replaced by a new one. Primarily, this process occurs on those branches that are in the lower part, closer to the trunk.

yellow pine in the autumn what to do

Do not panic if your pine has yellowedless than half. This is considered normal if young twigs remain green. Dry branches should be cut closer to the trunk.

Yellowing of needles in summer

Why do the pine trees turn yellow in the summer? For many, this remains a mystery. However, one thing is clear: this is already an occasion for alarm, and it is necessary to take any measures. One of the reasons for this behavior may be insufficient watering. This is especially true of young plants. Watering them is best in the morning, and in autumn this is done much more often, because the tree must be prepared for wintering.

Why the pines turn yellow in autumn

Pine is considered a drought-resistant plant onlyin adulthood, when its root system is already sufficiently developed and is deep in the soil. If the roots are weak, and the moisture is low, you can long torment yourself with the question "why yellow young pines" and not find the right answer to it. At first, you can spray the plant with growth stimulant, which will help it maintain a healthy appearance.

Why does the needles become red?

Why do pine needles get yellow and dry and is it worth it?about this worry? Most likely, it's worth it. After all, it can be one of the symptoms of plant damage by pests (for example, bark beetles or beavers). In this case, in addition to the question of why the needles turn yellow and dry, you should also be alerted to why the tree is exposed to tar smudges or drill meal. If all these signs are present, then you should use some kind of insecticide.

why the needles turn yellow and dry

Another answer to the question of why yellowpine, can become dog's urine. These plants can not stand, so that animals arrange a permanent toilet under them, so in advance, consider how to protect the tree from such a negative factor.

What to do in case of detection of yellowed needles?

First of all, one should not only think about how,why the pines turn yellow in autumn, but also about how they experienced this process last year or several years ago. If no significant changes are remembered, then you do not need to worry: your pet simply changes needles. If you have any suspicions about why the pines turn yellow, and you become thoughtful, do not start worrying about this, it is better to consult a forest pathologist. The cost of leaving such a specialist is low. It will help to establish the reliable reasons for this behavior of your plant and determine how to proceed in the future.

Recommendations for the care of pine

Pine refers to coniferous plants, and thereforecare for her is almost the same as for other members of this family. It reacts very negatively to excessive and prolonged moistening of the soil. This plant can threaten the decay and dying of the measles system, which as a result leads to death. Also, due to waterlogging, the question "why the pines are turning yellow in autumn" may arise. The soil must have a sufficient amount of nitrogen.

As for the illumination, then to her pine is absolutely not exacting. However, depending on its variation, the plant may be deformed, so it is necessary to take this fact into account when choosing a landing site.

Why yellow young pines

Pine should be fertilized in spring and summer, howeverIt is necessary to do this until the middle of July. It is best to use compost as a fertilizer, but biohumus has also proved itself very positive recently. However, with fertilizers one must be very careful, it is better to feed the tree a little more than to overfeed. This recommendation applies to all conifers.

To care for pines include their haircut. This means the procedure for removing frostbitten, dry, and damaged branches. Such actions are usually taken in the spring.

In the early autumn, you should start to water the pine,so that she had the opportunity to fully prepare for the winter and as easily as possible to move it. Before the onset of persistent frost, the soil near the roots of the young plant would be a good idea to cover. Adult trees already do not need so much shelter.

Pest and disease control

One of the significant problems of gardeners arefungal diseases. They can become not only the cause of the fall of needles, but also to hit entire branches. To stop the disease, you need to use a fungicide. Also, the tree can be affected by other types of pests, for example aphids, moths, scutes, butterfly-leaf rollers. To deal with them, the plant must be periodically treated with a solution of carbophos.

Why do the pine trees turn yellow in the country?

Pine may be affected by a pine bug sub-root. It is dangerous because its larvae feed under the bark and cause enormous harm to the tree. To combat this scourge, special drugs are used that are designed to destroy not only the pest, but also its larvae.

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