What to spray strawberries in the spring from diseases and pests

A healthy and pleasing strawberry on its ownThe garden plot is the pride of any gardener. But to grow a fragrant and delicious berries, you need to make a lot of efforts to protect the plant, especially in the spring, when the most dangerous pests are activated and there is a risk of serious diseases. Therefore, the question of what to spray strawberries in the spring, is the most urgent in solving the problems of care. Competently chosen solutions in combination with the right application will help to protect the berry from many misfortunes, as well as get a plentiful harvest.

than sprinkle strawberries in spring

Spraying with urea

This is the simplest and most affordable optionspraying, which is used and experienced gardeners, and summer lovers. Urea is treated with leaves, which makes it possible to provide both the necessary plant nutrition and protection from external threats. The solution is prepared in the calculation of 40 g of urea per 12 l of water. Before proceeding to the procedure, it is necessary to remove the dried leaves - they are of no interest from the point of view of the vital activity of the strawberry, but can become the basis for the development of harmful bacteria. Determined, than spray strawberries in the spring from pests, you can think about feeding. It is desirable to combine the urea with a solution including liquid mullein, water and ammonium sulfate. The mixture is prepared in the following proportion: 1 tbsp. spoon active ingredients for the same 12 liters of water. One bush should be used for 1 liter of solution.

than spray strawberries in the spring against pests

Spraying before flowering

Inveterate gardeners can determine the beginning of floweringwith an accuracy of a few days. Processing berries in this period will create a reliable barrier for parasites and the development of diseases. Now we need to understand: the better to spray strawberries in the spring before flowering? The solution can consist of nitrophosphate and potassium sulfate, which are diluted with water. In the prepared container it is necessary to add a teaspoon of potassium and 2 tbsp. spoonful of nitrophosphate. Then it remains to stir the composition for processing strawberries and proceed to watering the bushes. The mixture should be consumed at a rate of 0.5 liters per strawberry bush. Also in this period, do not forget about the usual watering. Strawberries should be sprinkled with warm water every week after sprinkling.

Decoctions of wormwood and tobacco

These plants help in the fight against diseasesstrawberries. So, broths on their basis relieve berries from powdery mildew, spotting, and also gray decay. In search of a solution to the question "how to spray strawberries in the spring from diseases" many people stop at chemicals. Of course, there is no doubt about the effectiveness of special drugs, but the use of wormwood with tobacco dust is more advisable in terms of environmental safety.

than spray strawberries in early spring

Wormwood before cooking decoction passesdrying, after which its stems and leaves are boiled in water for 15 minutes. For 1 kg of the plant should use 12 liters of water. Tobacco dust, in turn, will also provide protection against aphids. The solution is prepared at the rate of 0.5 kg per 12 liters, while the boiling time should be about 2 hours. Next, the tincture is filtered, cooled, and then used for the intended purpose.

Remedies for ticks

Of course, solutions of natural components -it's better than spray strawberries in the spring from pests with potent chemistry. But, unfortunately, folk remedies do not always help to get rid of or prevent the appearance of ticks on berry bushes. Of the most effective and sparing chemicals, it is worth noting "Fitoverm". For 1 liter of water, you can completely limit the use of 2 ml of the drug. This amount is enough to process one bush. Also, in order to protect strawberries for the next season, you can apply and "Carbofos" - in 10 liters it is desirable to dilute 60 g of the product.

Control of nematodes

This is perhaps the most unpleasant and dangerouspest. The nematode is a threadlike worm with a thickness of not more than 1 mm, so it is so difficult to detect visually. The pest feeds on the tissues and juices of strawberries, resulting in shortening of the petioles, distortion of the plates and infection of the antennae of the plant. Usually at the first signs of the presence of nematodes, bushes are burned, since there is no clear answer to the question of what to spray strawberries in the spring from small worms. The only option - the use of contact poisons, among which is "Mercaptophorus." It is also used in the control of mites and leaf rollers. On the surface, the preparation is actively destroyed under the influence of water, sunlight and high temperature. But, having permeated the tissues of the plant, it transfers to them toxic qualities that are held for up to three weeks.

than to spray a strawberry in the spring from illnesses

Spraying against weevil

In the spring, this little bug wakes up afterhibernation under the bush and begins to lay the larvae in strawberry buds. Thus, even before the full ripening of the berries, the gardener loses the most valuable fruits. The eaten and bitten buds are easily discernible, so when they are found, you should proceed to the appropriate processing of the bush. But for this it is important to know the time when spraying the strawberry from the weevil in the spring to get the maximum result. The operation is carried out at least twice: in late spring (at the end of May) - before the beginning of the detachment of the buds - and in the first days of June. For spraying, such tools as Iskra-Bio and Fitoverm are recommended. These are not chemicals in the traditional sense of the word, but rather biological mixtures containing soil microorganisms. Therefore, berries can be consumed already two days after such treatment.

Manganese solution

Experienced gardener every season can notice onStrawberry bushes have white traces that resemble saliva. This, indeed, is the result of salivation, but not of man, but of the next pest of berries - pennies. The beetle thus protects itself from the sun and other external influences. To destroy this insect it is possible manually, but it is less effective, than to spray strawberries in spring a solution from potassium permanganate. Shrubs must be poured hot water (temperature - about 70 ° C), which was previously introduced potassium permanganate. In the finished form, the resulting solution should have a bright pink color.

when spraying strawberries from a weevil in the spring

A peculiar hot shower will not harm itselfstrawberries, but will contribute to its healthy flowering. However, if there is a question about what to spray strawberries in early spring, it is desirable to use warm solutions, with a temperature of no more than 45 ° C. At this time, as a rule, young bushes begin to develop, so treatment should be as delicate as possible.

There is an opinion that for greater effect together withpotassium permanganate can be added to water and boric acid. Perhaps, from the point of view of the effectiveness of pest control, this will really increase the effectiveness of spraying, but the strawberry itself will suffer as well.

Secrets of "safe" planting of strawberries

In order to protect the berry fromcommon diseases and pests, it is not enough to know what to spray strawberries in the spring (what preparations and solutions). To do this, you must first create conditions in which the plant will be maximally protected.

the better to sprinkle strawberries in spring

And in this case neighboring landings are very helpful. For example, marigolds with onions and garlic will provide safety from many pests. May beetle and its larvae avoid white clover. Fighting the same weevil and aphids will not be necessary if the needles are growing nearby. It is enough that the branches themselves are nearby - for example, they can be scattered between beds. Also, tomato leaves, spread out under mulch straw, will help cope with the wireworm. During periods of fruiting, you need to browse the bushes, identifying problem areas and detecting nesting pests. On the basis of such an audit, one can draw conclusions about the advisability of carrying out a particular spraying.

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