A plant from the tropics with beautiful white flowers - "Women's Happiness". Home care

According to the people's opinion it is believed thathouseplant "Women's Happiness", or otherwise - spathiphyllum, can bring love and joy to the house. It is a herbaceous perennial with dark green leaves of piciform form up to 30 cm long. Spathiphyllum is a representative of the family of the aroids and flowers with white flowers collected in the inflorescence-cob.

women's happiness home care
In this article, we would like to talk aboutsecrets of growing the unpretentious and beautiful plant, which is "Female happiness". Home care for him under the power of any florist. The plant continuously blooms with snow-white flowers, perfectly adapts to the usual room conditions and is able to decorate the interior of any apartment with its beautiful appearance.

Spathiphyllum - "Women's happiness". Care at home. Lighting and temperature in the room

If you bought a flower and do not know where it is betterplace the pot, select a place for it on the west or south window. Here the plant will feel well and abundantly blossom than in the northern window. Although spathiphyllum reconciles and with a lack of lighting, getting used to the shady side. He prefers scattered light, so in hot weather it is desirable to shade from the direct rays of the sun. Unpretentively and to the temperature conditions, the plant "Women's Happiness". Caring for it means maintaining the room temperature all year round within 18 ° C - 23 ° C. It does not require coolness in the winter season, since it does not have an expressed period of rest. The main thing is not to subject the plant to overheating or hypothermia and to protect it from drafts that it can not stand.

"Woman's happiness". Home care: requirements for soil during planting and transplantation

plant female happiness care
Plant transplantation is carried out once a year, withprovided that the pot is small, less than 18 cm in diameter. If the container is larger, it can be transplanted once every few years, only by updating periodically the upper layer of the substrate. Moving to a new pot is desirable in the spring flowers room "Female happiness". Care of the transplanted plant does not differ from usual. The new soil must be light and loose. It is desirable to make a substrate from a mixture of humus, leaf land, peat, charcoal and add a small amount of sand to it. Not bad for spathiphyllum and the substrate from coniferous land, humus, leaf land, peat and sand (all the ingredients in two parts, except for the latter - it takes one part). You can also buy ready-made soil for planting. At the bottom of the pot must be put drainage: a layer of pebbles or expanded clay.

"Women's happiness": care at home (watering and fertilizing)

Humidification of the substrate should be moderate andregular. The plant can not be poured, otherwise its leaves will be covered with brown spots, and in no case can not be dried - it can die. Spathiphyllum prefers high humidity, and therefore it must be sprayed from the spray gun daily, and once a week to make a bath under a warm shower. It is desirable to remove dust from the plant leaves. Fodder "Female happiness" fertilizer for indoor flowers, which can be found and bought in a flower shop. During the flowering period, phosphoric and potash top dressings are not forgotten, in the period of active growth - about nitrogenous.

Flower "Female happiness". Care at home - reproduction

flowers room female happiness care

If you want to breed spathiphyllum in your homeconditions, then it is possible to do this by dividing the rhizome. The operation is performed at the next transplantation: the plant is carefully removed from the pot, the excess soil is removed and the rhizome is divided into several parts so that three leaves remain on each fragment obtained. After that, the separated parts of the plant are planted in separate small containers and care for them, as for ordinary adult plants - watered, sprinkled and fertilized.

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