Motley cyanide. Caring for a tropical plant

Cody (croton) is a perennial plant of the familyEuphorbia originates from the tropics of Southeast Asia and the Pacific islands. In natural conditions, its height reaches 3.5 meters, in domestic - 1 meter. Stems - strongly branching straight, leaves - large, leathery. Their shape can be narrow, oval, carved. Kodeium is famous for the original brightness of its leaves. Upper leaves are often lighter, have golden veins. With age, the plant grows saturated dark maroon leaves with amber painting. There are pink shades, as well as dark red, crimson spots. A variety of bright colors of leaves of various shapes, rare pale flowers - such is the codaeum.

Care for this evergreen plant in the homeconditions is rather complicated. Often, many varieties of the species Codieum variegate (Latin Codieum variegatum) are grown. He very effectively decorates the interior with his leaves with multi-colored spots and patches. Flowering in rooms is rare.

Codyium: caring for the plant

Codyium, care for which takes a long time -a poisonous plant. Work with him you need in gloves. The temperature of its content is 25 ° C, only small (not lower than 20 ° C), short-term fluctuations are possible. The plant does not tolerate drafts, it requires bright illumination. It can be either direct or diffuse sunlight. Leaves should be sprinkled daily with warm water. Watering should ensure a permanent moistening of the soil without drying, without moisture stagnation. It is desirable to water the plant abundantly every three days, pouring out excess water from the pan. He needs neutral humus-rich soils. Substrate for soil: turf ground with the addition of sand and sphagnum; standard land with the addition of bark and peat.

Required good drainage. The lack or excess of irrigation, as well as low humidity of air immediately reflected on the plant. Lack of moisture is manifested in the drying and wrinkling of leaves, overmoistening leads to rotting of the base of the plant and withering of the leaves. Spraying under direct sunlight can cause burns to the leaves.

Codyium, care for which is carried outcorrectly, grows. When the newly emerging leaves are small, it needs to be transplanted into a larger pot. Fertilize the plant every 2 weeks, in winter, enough times a month. Fertilizers are suitable.

Codyium: reproduction

Reproduction of the plant is carried out by apicalCuttings that are cut in the middle of spring. For their rooting it is convenient to use a small greenhouse, since it will be necessary to maintain a high humidity and a constant temperature. New plants are planted in separate pots two months later.

Blooming guest from the tropics - cross-country

Less capricious guest from the tropics - bloomingcross-dressing. Care of it will also require a certain temperature regime: 18 - 20 ° C, regular watering and spraying. In this case, moisture should not fall on the flowers. Direct sunlight for it is also undesirable.

Stem - erect, tetrahedral, leaves -oval grayish-green. The color of the flowers is yellow-orange. They are collected in an inflorescence-colossus, formed on the top of the stem. This plant acanthus family reaches a height of 60 cm. Neutral or slightly alkaline soils, liquid organic top dressings, will suit it. With age, the cross-dress stretches and loses its attractiveness. You can update it throughout the year by cutting the tips of shoots. Cuttings cut about 10 centimeters long are planted in moist sand. Rooting takes place within two weeks. The roots begin to bloom after approximately 8 months. Plant transplant easily. Change the soil can be annually, adding to it an admixture of humus.

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