How to choose a homeowner for an induction cooker?

Moonshine - long recognized - a delicious drink andecologicaly clean. Within reasonable limits, at festivities, he enhances his mood and gives joy. Because many do not rush to the store for mass alcoholic delights, but prefer to use a home-made device for an induction cooker and cook this drink yourself.

Benefits of brewing

Before newcomers there is always a choice: use homemade equipment or purchased. The simplest way is to buy a home-made device for an induction cooker, as the experience of many has proved that it is an excellent device for preparing quality spirits with minimal financial costs.

homeowner for induction cookers

Having an apparatus for producing moonshine, whichis a construction from a distillation cube, a dry cellar and a hose, it is possible to obtain 1.5 liters of excellent alcoholic beverage within 60 minutes. The process is carried out independently - by distilling the brags. The advantages of the home-brewing machine for induction cookers are undeniable.

Its positive qualities include:

  • the material from which the device is made is usually food grade stainless steel;
  • excellent performance;
  • reliable tightness, because not entirely pleasant smell does not spread in the room;
  • safety during the work process;
  • simplicity in operation;
  • ease of care;
  • a greater degree of purification from poisoning impurities.

How to choose a moonshine?

There are small secrets that you need to know,when the question arises, how to choose a homeowner for an induction cooker. There are a lot of their varieties, but not all are suitable for this kind of plates. Therefore, many nuances play a role, and if you follow the instructions, the service life will be very long.

You should know that there are different typescooling in moonshine adaptations. If this is a continuous type of cooling, the apparatus can only be used when it can be connected to a water pipe or running water.

induction cooker for moonshine

The volume of the device also plays a role. It depends on this factor, how much alcoholic beverage will be obtained. There is a rule - do not fill the distillation cube more than ¾ of the volume. Greed in this case can lead to the fact that drops of liquid or foam will get into a dry cell or a refrigerator, and this will considerably complicate the process of distillation.

The drywall, or a reflux condenser, in somedevices may be absent, but thanks to this device the quality of the alcoholic beverage is significantly improved. And most importantly, the liquid is cleaned of harmful impurities during distillation.

It is worth paying attention to the neck: the wider it is, the easier it is to pour all the ingredients, and then to clean after the end of the process.

To warm the unit evenly, the bottomThe distillation cube does not need to be perfectly even, but necessarily thick, if an induction cooker is used for the moonshine. Metal must withstand high temperatures and not be deformed. H>

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