Sincere and cheerful congratulations to the music teacher!

School years are the best in the life of every person. Many understand this by entering adulthood! Subjects are complex, interesting and most loved. One of the last is a music lesson. I like it without exception, even if the child does not have hearing and voice! And if a young talent attends a music school, plays an instrument, congratulations to the music teacher should be special. After all, they invest all their knowledge, skills and soul in their beloved disciples! Be sure to prepare your teacher a small present and kind words. The teacher simply needs to know that he is loved and in demand.

For the long memory

If Teacher's Day, New Year's Day approaches orOn the eighth of March, you need to start preparing a congratulation to the music teacher. The postcard made by myself will do the best. Armed with scissors, colored cardboard, markers and decor elements. Suits rhinestones, beads, ribbons. Use your imagination, and the card will be of extraordinary beauty.

congratulations to the music teacher

Today is a difficult day,

We really want to show you,

What fill our world with beauty!

Chords, songs, minuets ...

And you forget already where you are,

On the music lesson il ball,

Here we manifest our imagination.

We sing loudly, from the heart,

Your lessons are good!

With a holiday you, your favorite teacher,

We are looking forward to the next lesson!

You can present such congratulations to the music teacher. On Teacher's Day, he will be pleased to hear sincere and kind words from the guys.

Russian spirit

The motive of Russian folk ditties is known not only inour country. Under this cheerful rhythm feet themselves go to dance! Choose from the whole class the most artistic and unchained. Learning with the students a few ditties will be very simple. Tie them the headscarfs - and you can start the show. Such congratulations to the teacher of music on Teacher's Day will be liked.

congratulation to the teacher of music on teacher's day

Bad at night I slept,

A music lesson waited,

It hurts to sing, I really love,

For this, thank you!

The best you are of all,

At the lessons, joy, laughter,

We all do everything together,

We sing a half-lesson!

I love the music lesson,

In secret, I'll tell you,

Our teacher is just class!

Louder than all of us.

Such a congratulation in verse to the music teacher will be relevant both in the music school and in the general education! A cheerful and cool performance of the children will give the sea of ​​positive and pride for their students!

The severity itself

A music school is a serious educationalinstitution. Many people think that this is just a circle for the pastime of children. This opinion is erroneous. Learning to play the instrument, you need to put a lot of effort and effort. Teach, remember, reason - all this must be done in the music and in the ordinary school. Constant rehearsals, concerts, examinations take a lot of time from the guys. Therefore, before you submit documents to such an institution, you need to think everything over and calculate your strength, but after hard work comes the encouragement - perfect possession of the musical instrument.

congratulation in the lyrics to the music teacher


Congratulations to the teacher of music in prose can sound serious, and can be presented in comic form. It all depends on the nature and nature of the teacher!

"Dear Ivan Ivanovich! I want to congratulate you on the holiday and wish you health and happiness. Let your life flow peacefully and easily, like music. You have dedicated yourself to this wonderful profession. Even call it love to music do not want to! Remain the same kind, responsive and best teacher always! "

Such a congratulation to the teacher of music can be written on a beautiful postcard or say, looking into the eyes.

congratulation to the teacher of music in prose

Music is life

People who are addicted to music are less likely todepression and bad mood. When you listen to your favorite song, and the work seems easier. Pregnant women are recommended to listen to classical music every day, this has a beneficial effect on the fetus. Teach children to music from an early age! Present a congratulation to the teacher of music from the heart, sincerely. After all, these people give themselves to work with children without a trace. They try to instill in them love for the beautiful. At music lessons, the children not only sing, they study biographies of composers, the history of genres and folklore. Such information is useful for the development of schoolchildren.

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