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cook day

From day to day the hostesses prepare food: breakfast lunch dinner. And they do not even think that there is a cook day. It is celebrated on October 20 annually by the culinary specialists of all countries. But ordinary women can themselves arrange a holiday on this day, because they are also cooks.

As noted

The solemn date was established on the initiative ofWorld Association of Chefs' Communities in 2004. Since that day, organizers have been holding culinary competitions. They reveal talented individuals who can cook dishes that are amazing in style and taste. On the International Day of the cook it is accepted to exchange ideas, experiences, secrets.

In Russia, the holiday is becoming more popular. For several years Russian chefs celebrate a grand day with various master classes, meetings, competitions, charity events.

International cook day
More than 70 countries in the organization of eventsEmployees of travel agencies, representatives of the authorities, owners of public catering establishments (cafes, restaurants, bistros and others) take part. They hold contests for the best among participants, tasting and prepare unique dishes. Only on the Day of the cook you can learn from the first mouth the most refined recipes.

On a solemn date it is decided to congratulate allcooks and housewives. Often hold charitable evenings, the proceeds from which are sent to orphanages and the treatment of children. Any man can congratulate his home cook - his beloved wife.

From the History of Cooking

There is a legend about a woman who gavename of the culinary industry. Long ago, the cook Kulina, who was a faithful assistant to the god of healing of Asclepius and his daughter Gigei, lived. She was the patroness of the cook's art, which later became known as "cooking". The first paper recipes appeared in Ancient Egypt, Babylon, Ancient China, the Middle East. Some of them were found by archaeologists. Cooking in Russia began to develop in the 18th century. This is associated with the spread of places of public catering (kortch, restaurants, restaurants).

The first "cookery notes" was made by Drukovtsov S. in 1779. They are remembered on Cook's Day as the beginning of a culinary era. Do not forget the works of French gastronomes of the 19th century: Cremona, Karema, Escoffier. In 1888 in St. Petersburg opened a school, where they began to teach cooking. The initiative came from Professor Andrievsky IE. and cook Kanshin D.V.

when celebrate the day of the cook
Everyone can cook food, but cookwell - one. The cook, who has dedicated his profession all his life, enjoys the process of cooking and offers to admire the unusual taste combinations of products. Correctly cooked food is a pledge of longevity and excellent mood, since without food it is impossible to build cells.

So, if you were wondering about whencelebrate the Day of the cook, then you know that the holiday falls on October 20. Do not forget to congratulate all the familiar chefs on this day and necessarily a wife, mother, grandmother. After all, every woman is a cook!

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