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We are used to cats. They catch mice, gently purring on their knees and gambling with children. Small and large, tame and independent - each of these furry pets is unique in its own way. Today we will talk about the most-most, about cats and cats, which are not similar to others.

How cats became domesticated

It dates from the epoch of the pharaohs (about6000 years ago). It was in ancient Egypt that cats were revered as divine creatures. But recent excavations have revealed the remains of a kitten in a much older burial, in Cyprus. It turns out that the oldest cats in the world lived with a man already 9.5 thousand years ago. Today the life expectancy of pets is about 15 years, but there are also true long-livers. So, in Britain, the cat named Puss lived for 36 years, which is sometimes an average indicator even for a person.

The disease of the XXI century - obesity in cats

These animals are very fond of spinning around the table,begging for tasty bits. In addition, unlike honest and decent dogs, cats are thievish and will certainly take advantage of the opportunity (obeying the instinct of a predator) to pick up a clawed paw on what lies on the table. Therefore, the thickest cats in the world are usually not representatives of any particular breed: it's the owners who turn their pet into a walking ottoman.

The thickest cats in the world

The weight of fluffy beauties and handsome men is influenced byLifestyle. According to statistics, cats living in villages or in the private sector do not suffer from extra pounds. Their lives are more harmonious: they go hunting in the evenings, as laid down by nature, and when they come home and take milk they sleep for the whole day. The thickest cats in the world live in apartments where physical activity is limited, and the whole hunt is to go to the kitchen.

Often, the hosts bring trouble marriagethe period when the cat begins to show concern, loudly and often meow, calling the male. Today, there are many drugs that are designed to extinguish the sexual activity of a pet, but, unfortunately, all of them are hormonal. So, the most fat cat in the world, nicknamed Cathy (who lives in Russia), began to gain weight rapidly after receiving such funds. Her weight is 23 kg, the length of the body is 69 cm, and the width of the waist is 70 cm. A walking cube. By the way, even if there are attempts in the house of a cat to start a relationship with him, the poor guy does not take any more.

Heavyweight recorders

Of course, not all are distinguished by their massanimals fall into the Guinness Book of Records. Today in the nomination "The thickest cats in the world" the pet named Himmi (girl) is in the lead. She lived in Australia and died in 1986 at the age of 10 years. Her weight was 21.3 kg.

In Denmark, lives six-year-old cat Tulle, he weighs19.2 kg. In New York in the kennel got a red handsome man named Spanch Bob, his weight is off scale and is 17 kg. At the same time, the thickest cats in the world are absolutely healthy, and they gained so much extra weight because of their own laziness. Both are treated and dieted, as their body weight is at a critical level. The owners of Tulle say that their pet loved to just sleep. All the guests took a motionless ball over the fluffy footrest. He even learned to roll from place to place, so as not to get up again.

most popular cats

By nature you can not escape

Absolutely any animal can be fattened. So, the most fat cat in the world, living in Kiev, weighs 20 kg and does not belong to any breed. In general, British and Persian cats are considered to be the most inclined to completeness. Valyazhnye and calm, they are able to lie for hours on the couch and at the same time are good appetite. The castrated animals also fall into the risk group: after the operation they begin to gain weight quickly. Oh, and it is interesting to flip through the webpage a selection of "The thickest cats of the world" ... A photo of lazy fuzzies at times evokes tenderness, but behind this is a serious threat to the life and health of the animal.

Lead by weight, the largest representatives of this family. This breed Maine Coon (10 to 15 kg) or asher (about 14 kg). But for their body, such indicators are completely proportional and normal.

Baby cat world

The smallest one can be considered a Singaporean cat. These crumbs weigh from 1.5 to 2.7 kg. Graceful beauties, they are infrequent in the Russian market. Another miniature breed is a concode: the weight is about 2 kg, the body length is about 55 cm. They live mainly in Chile and Argentina.

The most kind cats
Nurseries that are breeding thesebreeds, we have little, so it is almost impossible to meet a representative for sale at a low price. A couple imported from abroad with good documents can bring a good income. There are cases when a mongrel cat grows record low. Thus, the Himalayan-Persian cat, living in the USA, reaches only 7 cm at the withers, and its body length does not exceed 19 cm.

The world of cats is incredibly diverse, there are the mostthin and long representatives. Often these two qualities are combined by the same breed. A bright representative is a cat of the savannah breed. Graceful creatures reach 45 centimeters in length. But, again, thoroughbred handsome men are circumvented by their half-breed mates. In 1997, Scotland was listed in the Guinness Book of Records cat named Snoubi (103 cm in length and 33 in height).

IQ fluffy pets

Objectively to measure human intelligence is enoughit's difficult, with cats it's still more complicated. Of course, for every owner his favorite is the best. To identify the most intelligent breeds of cats, conduct various experiments, for example, show the animal her favorite toy, and then hide it behind the screen. If the pet guesses to go there, his intellect is equated to the level of development of the one and a half year old child. If he continues to look at the master or meow, demanding the return of the toy, then the mental capacity is somewhat lower, or stubbornness is above the norm.

The most intelligent breed of cats

After carrying out a number of experiments, the breeders made the following conclusions:

1. The Sphinx, or the naked cat, takes the first place on mental abilities, despite the fact that these are the most ridiculous cats in the world. The pet delivers a minimum of hassle in the home, does not shed, does not cause allergies and has no natural smell. Kittens get used to the toilet as quickly as possible. They will never scratch or bite. Stunningly quickly trained, easy to learn commands and can perform in the circus. With them you can play hide-and-seek and catch-up, so that your child will be busy for a long time. He does not threaten anything (of course, if he does not offend the animal), because it is also the kindest cats.

2. The first place was shared with sphinxes by a Balinese cat. It originates from the Siamese breed, but the selection awarded it with luxurious wool. Easily master numerous tricks, do not require special care, while sociable and curious.

3. Bengal cat - another amazing breed. Derived hybrid of domestic and wild cats, a magnificent leopard, kind and sympathetic.

4. The third place was given to breeds: Russian blue, Egyptian Mau, Siberian, Norwegian forest and many others.

As you can see, in the list of leaders - cats,characterized by natural activity and curiosity. Calm and phlegmatic Persians, Himalayan cats and exotic short-haired were at the very end of the rating.

Delicate, purring creatures. How to choose such a cat

The most affectionate cats
In fact, the secret is simple: the most affectionate cats come only from loving owners. If you give your animal tenderness and care day after day, then it will answer you the same. Cats are quite vindictive, once much offended, she will take a long time to look at you before she believes again. Do you want the most gentle and kind creature in the world? Take the cat from the street. Betrayed, she will remain forever grateful for salvation.

If you choose a purebred pet, thenthe most affectionate cats are Russian blue, Sphinx, Burma, Cornish Rex. It is necessary to make a discount on the fact that in each breed there are individual persons, with their own character. Love your pet the way it is.

Often stands, so to speak, the oppositethe question: "Which cats are the most aggressive and evil?" Indeed, there is something to think about. Imagine: proud posture, mysterious look, demonstrative independence, and if not what, then fangs and claws in the course! And if the house is a small child, the question is very acute. To such breeds it is possible to carry magnificent Siamese. Amazing coloring and wonderful blue eyes are often decisive when choosing a kitten. But these "princes" and "princesses" are very freedom-loving, they will come to their hands only when they themselves want, and they will not let them drag themselves by the tail!

Moderately aggressive may include Maine Coons and Britons. With them it is quite possible to agree, if not too familiar.

The choice of the year, or Which breed is most in demand?

According to statistics, this is a Siberian Russian cat. This is a large, strong animal that can tolerate severe frost without health damage and has excellent health. During breeding, the wool changed from smooth to fluffy and received a wide variety of colors.

most popular cats

Representatives of this breed grow up fullylate, only to 5 years. An adult weighs 10-15 kg. These are the most popular cats all over Russia, both purebreds and half-breeds. A rich coat requires care, combing at least once a week. In the spring and summer, the cat can be cut. These noble handsome people are distinguished by a kind disposition and a gentle attitude to the master. The child can play calmly with a furry pet. But beware of undeservedly offending the cat - it is no less vindictive than the representative of the Siamese breed.

Siberian cats bathe with pleasure, so get special cosmetics and invite the child to spend an unforgettable time in the bathroom with his pet.

The strongest representatives of the cat family

The biggest domestic cats in the world
Savannah (asher) - it is rarely seen inthe city is a very rare cat. This is a real home leopard! Animal is like him and color, and size. In order not to be unfounded: about 70 centimeters at the withers, 15 kg in weight. It is a strong, muscular predator, but at the same time affectionate and obedient. Your child will be delighted with the joint games: the thrown ball will return back at lightning speed, because savannah is also the fastest cat. Its appearance is very impressive: the size of an average dog, retaining all the dexterity and grace of a wild predator, she purrs, stretched out on your bed, or jumps, playing around, on cabinets and tables. This charming animal received its second name in honor of the pagan goddess Ashara.

The second strongman can be called Maine Coon. Buy such a giant is much easier, they are not exotic. The size of a little inferior to the previous representative, and weigh 12-14 kg. A beautiful large animal, with a heavy heavy gaze and tassels on his ears like a lynx. These are the largest domestic cats in the world among the most common breeds.

The most beautiful breeds

Of course, charm is a subjective parameter, eachchooses something more sweet to his heart. But the rating, nevertheless, exists. According to numerous surveys, a list of the most preferred and beautiful breeds of cats is made:

  • The Turkish Angora is a snow-white, long-haired beauty. Often there are "harlequins", one eye is blue, and the other is green.
  • The Turkish van is a semi-long-haired cat that feels soft like a cashmere. Usually white with red stripes.
  • The Norwegian forest cat is an animal of large build, on high massive paws. Reminiscent of a lynx, with a thick, long and dense fur. However, very calm and peaceful.
  • American Maine Coon and Savannah. Very large cats with excellent exteriors.
  • Chauzy, or the Nile cat. This is a relative of the marsh lynx. A unique iridescent color, a bright appearance, an independent look, and thus the animal is very devoted to its masters.
  • The breed of Somalia, is rare. Thick and dense fur forms a "collar" on the neck and "panties" on the paws. In addition, fur has one more feature: each hair is colored in several tones.
  • Ragdoll - bred in California, reminiscent of the Persians, but the fur is softer, as in rabbits. This is one of the most patient breeds in the world.
  • Munchkins - amazing creatures, whose legs are three times shorter than all other cats. Very peaceful and affectionate.
  • Tojger - externally very much remind tigers, color completely coincides, but thus they are tremendously amorous.
  • Egyptian Mau is a very elegant creature! On the forehead - a figure in the shape of the letter "M", and near the ears - in the form of "W". Eyes must necessarily emphasize two lines, reminiscent of the makeup of the Egyptian queen.

Of course, this is not all breeds, especially since ugly representatives of these wonderful animals simply do not exist.

The Funniest Cats in the World

The most expensive breed of cats

If you are breeding and keepingprivate nursery, then a rather important issue is the purchase of breeding individuals whose offspring will bring good profits. We present the list of the most expensive cats for today.

  1. Devon Rex - very interesting representativesfeline, a bit like a sphinx. Small animals with short, soft hair that resembles velor, and large ears. Very smart, easily accustomed to the tray. In addition, their hair does not cause allergies. The cost is from 400 dollars.
  2. Himalayan cat - beautiful, long-haired animals. Cost from 500 dollars.
  3. Scottish Fold - from the rest of their breedsdistinguishes the structure of the ears: they are bent forward and down. In addition, these pets do not purr, but creak. And one more feature: they like to sit in a non-typical for cats pose, with a straight back and elongated paws. The price ranges from $ 200 to 1500.
  4. The Canadian Sphynx is a bald cat, verygraceful and mobile. The hosts are often surprised at the ability of their pet for a long time to die in the most bizarre pose, as if deeply thinking. The cost is from $ 400 to 1500.
  5. Maine Coon is one of the largest cats on earth. The body length reaches 1.2 meters, and the weight - more than 15 kg. Color with black stripes (not always, but quite often) and a huge, fluffy tail make them look like raccoons. From $ 600.
  6. Elf is a newly bred breed, absolutely bald cats, with a folded skin and large ears bent backwards. From 2000 dollars.
  7. The American curl is a long-haired breed, differing in ears, wrapped like horns. From $ 1000.
  8. Bengal cat. Luxurious coat of leopard color is the main advantage of the breed. From $ 1000 to 4000.
  9. Kao-mani, an ancient Thai breed. From 7000 dollars.
  10. Chauzy is the result of crossing a domestic cat and a marsh lynx. Very rare animals, amazing with their grace and sociability. From $ 8000.
  11. Savannah - the most expensive pussy in the world, the resultCrossing the African serval and the domestic cat. Elegant, large animal, a real home leopard. The cost depends on the kitten's class, varies from $ 4000 to 22000.

the most funny cats in the world

This is not all the most-most cats thatlive next to us. Surely, each of you can supplement the list by including your pet in it. Large or small, fluffy or smooth-haired, they are waiting for us from work and happily purring, basking on their knees. Perhaps the only distinguishing feature that needs correction is the weight of your pet. And do not be touched by the title "the thickest cat". Photo, of course, can represent a funny little beast with a blissful muzzle, spreading on the couch, but in reality excess weight often leads to the early death of the pet.

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