Beach mats. Which to choose?

From going to the beach most of us are waitingpleasant impressions. A holidaymaker wants to relax, bathe and warm under the gentle rays of the sun. The struggle for a place in the sun is not included in the plans of even the most energetic tourists, although the number of sun loungers on the beach often does not meet the needs. In order not to turn the rest into an extreme adventure and not create unpleasant memories, it is better to take care of the choice of beach bedding in advance. Fortunately, there is now something to choose from.

beach mats
For a successful solution it is advisable to know about the state of the beach at the place of rest. Soil properties, possible personal space, rest time - all these factors can help to get comfortable.

Beach mats are divided into several types and are suitable for different conditions. Each of them has a different structure. Let's get acquainted with the most popular models.

Foam beach mat in fabric coveroften made in the form of a bag that easily turns into a stylish beach bedding. Despite the simplicity and multifunctionality, such a product is unlikely to do a good job on a pebble beach. On the sand and other smooth soft surfaces, the choice of such a model is fully justified.

Beach mats made of straw are no worsefoam analogue. In addition, this type is perfect for a pebble beach. To the pluses of the product we will also refer to its strength, durability, the use of exclusively natural materials.

beach mat
Beach mat with a headrest is abedding with an inflatable pillow or a cushion type cot. This wonderful model is ideal for people who like to read on the beach, thereby combining the pleasant with the very pleasant. Although we should not forget that this kind of rug is rather cumbersome, you need to take care of its transportation in advance.

There are also beach mats with a visor. While they are not very popular because of the extraordinary originality and, again, of considerable size. In the open form, this creation resembles a half-open box, but its ability to protect a rest from sand, sun and wind can not be overemphasized.

beach mat

Naturally, each of the models has its ownAdvantages and disadvantages. Some disadvantages can be brightened up, for example, by placing a soft towel on a hard surface, or ignoring the smiles of others when you see the original design of a beach accessory. Nevertheless, beach mats look better than inflatable mattresses, which prevent the skin from breathing and considerably heat up under the sun's rays.

For needlewomen, there is a variant even more interesting: the mat can easily be tied in advance to the model you like, or, what is more interesting, to pick up some original drawing yourself. It is better to use synthetic or semi-synthetic yarn, dense knitting and inspiration to make home-made litter. The length of the rug count at least 180 centimeters, with a width, too, is more generous.

Whichever type of accessory a vacationer chooses,the main thing - do not forget that you came to rest and enjoy it, because the mandatory requirements for the rug are comfort, ease of use, and, of course, style.

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