Goals and objectives implemented on the Day of the Social Teacher

Every year on October 2 International Day is celebratedsocial pedagogue. For Russia this is a young holiday. To mark it began after the symposium in Copenhagen, which took place in 2009. Experts of different countries, as well as Russia took part in it.

Functions of social pedagogy

The working day of a social teacher is not easy. It is entrusted with very serious functions, on the implementation of which depends the socialization and adaptation of man in society.

day of the social teacher

The main task of a specialist is to studythe child, how much he is adapted to the environment, what kind of relationship he has with peers, teachers and parents. Usually the need for a social educator appears in the event that a child or a group of children have conflict situations. It is for this reason that there must be such an employee in the childcare institutions in the state.

The teacher should direct the child's activity to self-education and self-education. One of the functions is to teach the emerging personality to be responsible for one's actions and life.

In addition, an employee of such a difficult profession is required to coordinate the activities of other professionals involved in the problems of childhood.

Where is the presence of a social educator necessary?

Day of the social teacher is not easyholiday, and the opportunity to share experiences with colleagues and gain new practical knowledge. This is due to the fact that the teacher for social work is in the state of every child's institution, regardless of his activities.

International Day of Social Teachers

Currently, such specialists are actively working in the following institutions:

  • Schools, kindergartens, higher educational institutions.
  • Children's clubs and leisure facilities.
  • Rehabilitation centers that provide assistance to families.
  • Internats, orphanages and shelters.
  • Special schools and colonies for minors.
  • Narcological dispensaries.
  • Medical institutions.

On the day of the social teacher, a largenumber of events, during which you can get invaluable experience. Specialists with long-term experience share their skills with young, only beginning workers.

Events on the Day of the Social Teacher in Russia

All over the world, on October 2, symposiums, seminars, conferences are held to improve the skills of specialists in this field. During these events, the following topics are addressed:

Day of the Social Teacher in Russia

  • Spiritual-moral and social forms of development of the younger generation.
  • Difficulties in raising children and adolescents.
  • The role of the family and the relationships in it for the harmonious development of the individual.
  • Questions of a healthy lifestyle.
  • Raising the level of information work with the public.
  • Conflict situations and methods for their resolution.

The International Day of the Social Teacher for Russian specialists has become an excellent opportunity for learning and acquiring new practical skills.

Distinctive features of an ordinary and social teacher

Teacher or educator of a children's institution inFirst of all, he works with every child, regardless of his social status or problems in public life. While the activity of the social pedagogue is aimed at identifying and correcting difficulties in relationships and adaptation to the environment. He works with children and adolescents who have problems in the family or in society.

working day of a social educator

It is worth noting that these two areas in pedagogy are closely interrelated and are in constant interaction. It is the joint work that can effectively solve the child's difficulties.

Activities on the Day of the Social Educator are also aimed at training specialists to cooperate with other teachers and organizations dealing with children and adolescents.

Pedagogy is not an easy science and it requiresattraction of the staff having abilities and, the main thing, an inclination to such activity. On the Day of Social Teachers, young people have the opportunity to receive information about this specialty. This is especially necessary for children who are thinking about choosing this profession. To test their abilities for social and pedagogical work, special tests and trainings are conducted. Thus, young people will be able to assess their capabilities and get a full picture of this science.

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