Pregnancy and ovarian cyst

Pregnancy is the most anticipated time of life for allwomen. Only beginning to plan it, they all without exception pass a variety of examinations in order to make sure of their own health or to identify existing problems. Or on the contrary, being already in an "interesting" position, the expectant mother starts feverishly to take all the prescribed tests, or not appointed.

In some cases, the diagnosis is "cyst"during pregnancy. " Initially, it is perceived as a sentence to one's health and to an unborn baby. And in the case of pregnancy planning, questions about the possibility of becoming pregnant and taking out a healthy baby are beginning to torment.

At once I want to notice that it's not worth worrying about before the time. First you need to understand what kind of disease it is and how to fight it?

Ovarian cyst - the disease is completely curable,although quite common. It is a collection of fluid (or other contents) in the thickness or on the surface of the ovary. Depending on its location, the effect of the disease on the woman's body changes, as well as the effect on the fetus developing in the womb.

Cyst during pregnancy also occurs in manywomen. There are several kinds of them, and the reasons for the occurrence are even greater. For example, it can happen as a result of inflammatory processes, changes in the hormonal background of a pregnant woman or under the influence of certain environmental factors. In the case of the formation of a cyst as a result of the ovary's functioning, there will be no effect on the possibility of conception, and its regression will continue for 3 months. Large sizes of education are not achieved, but require active and continuous monitoring of themselves.

How to be, if pregnancy and ovarian cystappeared simultaneously? First, you need to know that only surgical intervention can save this disease. There are, of course, exceptional cases - when the identified cyst is "functional", which means surgery, most likely, it will not be necessary. After all, this kind of ovarian cyst has a property to resolve itself. In any case, timely treatment should not be delayed, in order not to provoke the transformation of the cyst into a malignant one.

Pregnancy and ovarian cysts indicatesome threats to women in the situation. Initially, they can provoke premature termination of pregnancy or miscarriage. In case the cyst is not "cured", during the fetal gestation it can begin to grow intensively, ovaries may be twisted or various discontinuities may occur. That is, the possibility of becoming pregnant is approaching zero, and in some cases, as a consequence, infertility occurs. There is also unstable infertility, that is - getting rid of the existing problem, you can resume the reproductive function of the body.

Diagnosis of pregnancy and ovarian cystonly by ultrasound examination, without it it will be very difficult to determine the disease. Proper diagnosis depends on the location and size of education, very often it can be confused with the characteristics of internal organs or other diseases. That is why it is almost impossible to define it blindly. If a cyst is detected, immediate surgical intervention by the doctors is necessary in order to avoid many possible complications in the future.

Cyst treatment is possible exclusivelysurgically, as we noted above. But initially it is possible to try the medication prescribed by the doctor, in case the education has not changed at all, it is necessary to start operative intervention. Pregnancy and the ovarian cyst should be particularly controlled and observed by the physicians. And in case of deterioration of the woman's condition, the operation should be carried out immediately, in spite of her position.

Faced during pregnancy with sucha disease like an ovarian cyst, you do not need to panic, but rather mobilize all your strength to fight it. After all, the cases when women have known the happiness of motherhood, despite the serious illness and all the difficulties connected with it, are much greater than the stories with tragic outcomes.

Remember this! Forces you and confidence in the future!

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